Below are a list of the "Item Move" features for all the characters in Tekken 6.

"Item Move" Features

Character Item name Command Effect Notes
Alisa Bosconovitch Battle Torso with Arm Module u+1+2 Head temporarily disappears and a flying bird appears. No color restriction.
Anna Williams Nurse Legwear, Bazooka 1+4 (Nurse Legwear), 1+3+4 (Bazooka) Kicks off shoes towards opponent, fires a bazooka. First item has no color restriction. Both items do damage.
Armor King Studded Bat, Empty Bottle f+1+2+3 (Studded Bat), 2+3+4 (Empty Bottle) Attacks with nailed wooden bat. Smashes bottle. Both items do damage.
Asuka Kazama Paper fan, Sacred Bow d+1+2 (Paper fan, T6) u/f+1+2(Paper Fan, T6:BR), 1+2+3 (Sacred Bow) Attacks with paper fan, Shoots the opponent with an arrow. Both items do damage. First item has Bound effect.
Baek Doo San Beret, Formal Vest 1+2+3 (Beret), 1+2+4 (Formal Vest) Throws a bomb. Baek takes a drink. First item does damage. Second item replenishes health.
Bob Top Hat 1+4 Releases pigeons from silk hat. No color restriction.
Bruce Irvin Mohawk, Down Vest 2+3+4 (Red Mohawk), 1+2+3 (Down Vest) Plants up to 10 chicks by his feet. Throws basketball. Color must be red. Second item does damage.
Bryan Fury Shotgun. 20mm Vulcan 2+3 (Shotgun), 2+3+4 (20mm Vulcan) Fires shotgun. Fires Gatling gun. Both items do damage.
Christie Monteiro Samba Feathers, Reggae Bikini 2+3+4, 1+3+4 Dances. Throws volleyball. Both items have no color restrictions. Second item does damage.
Craig Marduk Ogre's Club, Gridiron Helmet f+2+3 (Ogre's Club), 1+3+4 (Gridiron Helmet) Attacks with a metal rod to swat the opponent away. Throws gridiron ball. Both items do damage. Second item has no color restriction.
Devil Jin Demonic Face, Demonic Sword 1+2, u+1+2, etc. (Demonic Face), 1+2+3 (Demonic Sword) Fires a circular beam from forehead. Slash to the ground. First item has no color restriction, Both items do damage.
Eddy Gordo Soulful Afro, Ethnic Hair Band 1+2+4, 1+3+4 Dances. Kicks a sepak takraw. Second item does damage.
Feng Wei Monk Head, Ruyi Jingu Bang d/f+1+2, qcf+1+2, 1+3+4, etc. (Monk Head) 2+3+4 (Ruyi Jingu Bang) Head glows after attack, Very long staff. First item's properties vary. Second item does damage.
Ganryu Kabuki Makeup, Fresh Sea Bream, d/b+1+2,b+1+2 (Kabuki Makeup), 1+2+3 (Fresh Sea Bream) Breathes fire, trips over with fish on head. Both items do damage.
Heihachi Mishima Thunder God Drums, Tiger Coat 1+2+3 (Thunder God Drum), ff+1+2 (Tiger Coat) Lightning aura generation. Changes headbutt grab into a spanking grab. Both items do damage. Second item has no color restriction.
Hwoarang Feathered Hair, Baseball Bat 1+2+3 (Feathered Hair). L/RFS, 1+2 (Baseball Bat) Kicks a soccer ball. Attacks with a baseball bat to swat the opponent away. Both items do damage.
Jack-6 Jack Cannon, Hyper Exhaust 1+2+3 (Jack Cannons), 1+2+4 (Hyper Exhaust)  Fires cannon. Does a self detonating move. Both items do damage and have no color restriction. Second item does damage to self when button is held too long.
Jin Kazama Devil Face, Mishima War Sabre u+1+2 (Devil Face), 1+2+3 (Mishima War Sabre) Fires a laser blast from forehead, Slash to the ground. Both items do damage.
Julia Chang Face Paint, Huge Glasses 1+2+4 (Face Paint), while crouching d/b,d,d/b+1+2 (Huge Glasses) Plants a seedling, Waist Suplex plants opponent's head into the ground. Second item has no color restriction, but can only be activated when opponent is close to defeat.
Kazuya Mishima Neo Sunglasses, Combat Jacket u+1+2 (Neo Sunglasses), while crouching d/f,d,d/f+1+2 (Combat Jacket) Fires yellow laser beam similar to Devil / Angel. Hell's Gate throw now has Kazuya pull out his gun before kicking his opponent. Both items do damage. Second item has no color restriction.
King Short Trunks, Rudo Mask d/b+1+2 (Short Trunks), 1+2+4 (Rudo Mask) Octopus Hold (replaces Figure Four). Performs body-ups. Both items have no color restriction.
Kuma TOKISHIRA-Z, Tutu 2+3+4 (TOKISHIRA-Z), 1+2+3 (Tutu) Throws a salmon. Does a ballet dance. Both items do damage. Second item has no color restriction.
Lars Alexandersson Sub-Machine Gun 1+2+3 Fires sub-machine gun. Does damage.
Lee Chaolan Red Rose, Rapier 1+2+3 (Red Rose), b+1+4 (Rapier) Throws a rose. Attacks with rapier. Second item does damage.
Lei Wulong Police Jacket, Flight Jacket 2+3 (Police Jacket), ff+1+2 (Flight Jacket) Fires handgun. Replaces Tripping throw with handcuff finisher throw. First item does damage and has no color restriction. Second item can only be activated when opponent is close to defeat.
Leo Musket, Mace 1+2+3 (Musket), f+1+2+3 (Mace) Fires harquebus into the air. Attacks with a mace. Both items do damage.
Lili Headdress, Devilish Shorts db+1+2 (Headdress), d+1+2, while crouching 1+2 (Devilish Shorts) A throwing technique. Penguins appear from the ground up to five times and attack opponent. Both items have no color restriction. Both items do damage, but the second item only does damage for the second command.
Ling Xiaoyu Cat Paws, Magical Wand b+2+3 (Cat Paws), b+1+4 (Magical Wand) A hidden throw attack. Turns an opponent's head into a Panda head using a magic wand. Both items do damage.
Marshall Law Legendary Nunchaku, Chest Scars 1+4 (Legendary Nunchaku), 1+3,b (Chest Scars) Wields nunchaku. Performs a special throw attack. Press any button to attack with nunchaku. Both items do damage.
Miguel Caballero Rojo Pistol, Flamenco Guitar 1+2+3 (Pistol), 2+3+4 (Flamenco Guitar) Fires pistol, Hits the enemy with a guitar. Both items do damage.
Mokujin Butterfly, Exhaust Pipes (Automatic during Rage) Mokujin's rear catches on fire. Mokujin's exhaust pipes blows smoke. No damage.
Nina Williams Nurse Outfit, Bazooka 2+3+4 (Nurse Outfit), 1+3+4 (Bazooka) Throws a scalpel. Fires a bazooka. Both items do damage. First item has no color restriction.
Panda Oversized Sunglasses, Tutu 2+3+4 (Oversized Sunglasses), 1+2+3 (Tutu) Rolls a bowling ball. Does three ballet kicks. Both items do damage. Second item has no color restriction.
Paul Phoenix Hi-Top Fade, One-Hit Kill Sign D (Hi-Top Fade), 1+2+3 (One-Hit Kill SIgn) Hair extends. Smashes dojo sign. The longer D is held, the longer the hair extends. Second item does damage.
Raven Ninja Bottom, Cross Shuriken 1+2+3,(U) (Ninja Bottom), 1+2+4 (Cross Shuriken) Throws a smoke bomb near own feet, optional follow-up with Death from Above using U. Throws a shuriken. First item has no color restriction, only optional follow-up does damage. Second item always does damage.
Roger Jr. Snorkel, Treats, Little Riding Hood 2+3+4 (Snorkel), 3+4, u+3+4, etc. (Treats), 2+4,b Produces 5 levitating, bubble-blowing clownfish. Treats fall from the mother's mouth. Special throw move. Third item does damage.
Sergei Dragunov Tear Gas, Sniper Rifle+Tactical Goggles 1+2+3 (Tear Gas), d+1+2,2 (Sniper Rifle+Tactical Goggles) Throws a tear gas grenade, Shoots opponent with sniper rifle. For the Sniper Rifle, Dragunov's position must be downed face first and cannot be activated without Tactical Googles. Second item set does damage.
Steve Fox 50's Rocker Hair, Huge Gloves 1+3+4 (50's Rocker Hair) ,b+2+3 (Huge Gloves) Taunts, punches opponent high into the air. Second item does damage and has no color restriction.
Wang Jinrei Jiangshi Hat, Summoner's Wand 1+2,1+2,1+2...(Jiangshi Hat), 1+2+3 (Summoner's Wand) Jumps with every press. Attacks using a magic wand. Wang's position must be downed head first, no color restriction. Second item does damage.
Yoshimitsu Spirit Pistol, HO-1 Body 1+2+4 (Spirit Pistol), 2+3+4 (HO-1 Body) Fires 3 poison blasts. Throws coins. First item does damage. Both items have no color restriction.
Zafina Scimitar, Bastet Hands f+1+2+3 (Scimitar), f+1+4 (Baster Hands) Attacks enemy with scimitar. Throws metallic needles from hands. Both items do damage. Second item has no color restriction.

Item Move Gallery

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