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As with all other Tekken games, Tekken 6 also has the so-called Ranking match where the player has the chance to increase their rank at least one level higher by winning a desinated battle to earn the promonition.

Tekken 6 Ranking System

Here are the ranks that can be achieved while playing Tekken 6:

  • Brown: Beginner, 9th kyu, 8th kyu, 7th kyu, 6th kyu, 5th kyu, 4th kyu, 3rd kyu, 2nd kyu, 1st kyu.
  • Gray: 1st dan, 2nd dan, 3rd dan.
  • Blue/Silver: 4th dan, Mentor, Master.
  • Green: Rogue, Brawler, Marauder, Berserker.
  • Yellow: Warrior, Avenger, Vindicator, Juggernaut.
  • Orange: Vanquisher, Destroyer, Conqueror, Savior.
  • Red: Champion, Overlord, Sage, Legend.
  • Blue: Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Raksasa, Asura.
  • Dragon: Dragon Lord.
  • Bronze: Tekken Lord.
  • Gold/Fire: Tekken Emperor.
  • Gold/Bright Gold: Tekken God.

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