Tekken Dojo

Tekken Dojo was a gameplay mode in the PSP version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.


The player picks a character and fights opponents in many dojos on an island called Gorin. The more opponents they defeat, the higher they rank in that dojo. When they become #1 in one dojo, they will be allowed to enter the next dojo. The game's boss in Story mode, Jinpachi Mishima, will make appearances as an opponent in this side game. He appears after the player becomes #1 in the Fire Dojo and after the player becomes #1 in the Void Dojo.

After he is defeated in the Fire Dojo, a part of the Story is revealed, and another part is revealed after he is defeated in the Void Dojo. Jinpachi will also occasionally make appearances as a fighter in League Tournaments, and he is also the final opponent in the Heaven Dojo's Survival Tournament. If he is defeated in a League Tournament or in the final fight of the Heaven Dojo's Survival Tournament, no parts of the Story will be revealed. Like in Arcade mode, your rank ("kyu", "dan", etc.) will increase here, as well. After completing every dojo, the player will receive the Divine Fist rank, which is only attainable through Tekken Dojo.


GORIN, owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu, is a solitary island in the distant ocean. Many training facilities, called dojo, are scattered throughout the island. Special training is provided using the Ghost System, which enables fighters to battle computer generated opponents in a virtual arena. The character that you play as has visited the island to train and came to an ancient dojo near the water's edge. At that time, not only was the Ghost System collecting data on fighters from around the world, it had started to observe visitors to the island as well.

Note: A very small number of characters will have another reason for being on the island, like Mokujin and Devil Jin. They will be mysteriously drawn to the island. Jack-5 will be sent to the island by G Corporation.

Raven could possibly have another reason for being on the island. He will infiltrate the island.

After defeating Jinpachi Mishima in the Fire Dojo

A Ghost character suddenly appeared, calling himself Jinpachi.

Defeated, the Ghost image seemed as if it would vanish into the void when, suddenly, the evil energy overwhelmed the character.

The voice of Jinpachi echoed deep inside the character's head.

"Relinquish your soul unto me!"

This was Jinpachi's curse. Symptoms of the Ghost virus began to appear.

After defeating Jinpachi Mishima in the Void Dojo

Powerless, the Ghost image of Jinpachi faded as the data was deleted from the system. The dark force began to relinquish its power over the character.

The character felt a strange presence in the fading Ghost image.

The next instant, the Ghost system's data recovery program started repairing data.

However, the Ghost that was produced was simply data and had lost all traces of consciousness.

As the system shut down, Jinpachi was reduced to mere fragments of data.


Yurin Dojo

Stage 0

Battle Ghosts received from other players in this dojo.

Download other players' Ghosts to enter this dojo.

Earth Dojo

Stage 1
Beginner-3rd kyu
60 players

Water Dojo

Stage 2
5th kyu-3rd dan
160 players

Fire Dojo

Stage 3
1st dan-Shihan
160 players

Wind Dojo

Stage 4
6th dan-Champion
160 players

Void Dojo

Stage 5
160 players

Heaven Dojo

Stage 6.
Sage-Divine Fist.
120 characters.

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