Tekken Tunes Menu

Tekken Tunes Menu

Tekken Tunes is a mode in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Here, the player can enjoy listening to the background music that is used in each stage. The player can also change and/or replace the background music whenever they want with either the game's music or their own MP3's.

There is also DLC available for the mode, in which the player can buy music packs from Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, and Tekken 6 altogether or separately, unless they're playing the Wii U version, as none of the packs are available, nor can they use their own library as the Wii U doesn't allow music to be played on it.

List of Tracks

  • Piano Intro True Mix (Opening Movie)
  • Dawn of The Beat (Main Menu Theme)
  • Your Sunset (Customization Menu)
  • Battle Cry (Online Battle Lobby)
  • Aim To Win (Character Select)
  • Moonlit Wilderness -D.T.O Mix- (Moonlit Wilderness)
  • IT'S NOT A TUNA! (Bountiful Sea)
  • Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit)
  • Mundus (Winter Palace)
  • Sadistic X-Mas (Arctic Dream)
  • Yun (Dusk After The Rain)
  • Tekstep Fountain (Fontana Di Trevi)
  • School -After School Mix- (Sakura Schoolyard)
  • Jin Kazama -Far East Mix- (Hall of Judgement)
  • Utmost Limits (Naraku)
  • Sunny (Condor Canyon)
  • Plucking Tulips (Tulip Festival)
  • Siga (Tropical Rainforest)
  • Stained Orange (Coastline Sunset)
  • Glow Of The Oil (Modern Oasis)
  • Fantastic Theatre (Odeum of Illusions)
  • Mystic Force (Extravagant Underground)
  • Baile De Batalla (Fireworks Over Barcelona)
  • Knocc Em' Down (Snoop Dogg)
  • Electro Parade (Festive Parade)
  • Fiji -Paraiso Mix- (Eternal Paradise)
  • The Strongest Iron -Arena Silver Mix- (Arena)
  • What Will You See (Fallen Garden / Heavenly Garden)
  • Un Deux Trois (Strategic Space)
  • The Big One ~Quiet Strings Mix~ (Moai Excavation)


  • This mode also officially displays the locations of each stage.

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