Tetsujin (鉄人? ; literally meaning "Iron person"), is a character in the Tekken series who has only appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament, as a metallic palette swap of Mokujin, and Tekken Revolution. Whereas Mokujin is constructed of wood, Tetsujin is constructed from metal.


Tekken Tag Tournament

To pick Tetsujin in Arcade mode, one must go all the way to the left on the bottom row of characters. Tetsujin/Mokujin will be in the invisible box to the left of Wang.

Given that Ogre, Devil and Unknown are present in Tekken Tag Tournament, it is assumed that Mokujin arose again to stop them. Seeing as there are three evil forces to be stopped, this may explain why Tetsujin was also "activated".

Ending Description: Tetsujin's ending is the same as Mokujin's, where Tetsujin is training many other Mokujins.

Tekken Revolution

Tetsujin returns, for the first time since Tekken Tag Tournament, as the second strongest sub-boss in the game. He plays the same as Mokujin, but gives more rewards, though not as much as Kinjin.


He shares the same style as Mokujin, Mimicry, as he is just a metallic palette swap of him. At the start of a round, Tetsujin will randomly select the fighting style of another tournament participant and adopt this style as his own. A new style is chosen at the start of each round, although it is possible for a fighting style to be carried over to the next round.

Character Relationships

  • Mokujin - He is a metallic version and alternate costume of Mokujin.
  • Unknown - He is possibly trying to stop Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • Ogre - He was possibly brought to life by Ogre's evil, like Mokujin.
  • Kinjin - His golden counterpart.



  • If the player wins ten matches in Versus mode with Tetsujin, he turns to gold.
  • In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and onward, Mokujin can be customized to look identical to Tetsujin, with Tekken 6 allowing Mokujin to be customized to actually become the silver and gold versions of Tetsujin.
  • Tetsujin is the only playable character who did not appear in Tekken Tag Tournament 2; (Gon does not count, due to him being a guest character and manga character).



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