Thrusting Uppercut also known as Left Uppercut(左突き上げ hidari tsuki-age) in Japan, is a move for Jin Kazama that was introduced in Tekken 4. The input command for this move is f,N,d~d/f+1 which is identical to Dragon Uppercut from Jin's previous moveset. Similarly to Dragon Uppercut and Rising Uppercut, there is a just-frame variation. This variation is also called Thrust Godfist by the English-speaking fan community; the damage, hit range, and properties are identical, and the command is very similar. The most notable difference between the moves is that when Electric Thrust Godfist is performed red electricity surrounds Jin's head, shoulders and attacking arm. If the move is guarded currents of that electricity will surround the opponent; this effect does not damage the opponent. Jin also shouts something different than when performing a Thrusting Uppercut.

In Tekken (Mobile), it is later used by Tiger Miyagi.