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The nameless thug is a young man that appears in the ending animations for two fighters in Tekken 6.


This nameless thug is depicted a tan, lanky, Caucasian man who covers his body in tribal tattoos, pierces his face, and wears his hair in a red Mohawk.

He wears thin, black sunglasses, a white-lined blue tank top with a white "9" on it in a white ring in front, and a cartoony skeleton in back. His pants are black, & his wristbands are dark brown with silver studs. He also wears a silver chain necklace.


First he appears in Anna Williams's ending. When she and Nina play billiards, she bumps her bottom at his by mistake, turning around to apologize before accidentally hitting him with her cue stick. The thug is not happy about this, as he takes out a knife and is ready to attack her. Anna and Nina retaliate, are victorious over him, and Lee Chaolan, who serves as the bartender, gives them an "excellent" thumbs-up, much to Nina's surprise.

He then appears in Lei Wulong's ending, in which he steals a woman's purse, while Lei is eating. Lei arrests him and then goes back to his noodles.

Character Relationships


  • "Move! Get out of the way!"
  • "You...!"


  • Some fans have dubbed the thug as "Tony", and his ethnicity as an Italian.

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