Tiamat's Tail, called Cockatrice (コカトリス/kokatorisu) in Japan, is an attack used by Zafina. Its input is b+4,4. The attack will knock the opponent down.


  • In Mesopotamian myth, Tiamat was a primal, monstrous creature embodying salt water, and mother of the first divinities. After Eä slew Abzu and Mummu, Qingu manipulated her into declaring war on Eä and his allies in revenge and giving him the Tablets of Destiny. In the end, she was slain by whichever divinity the particular story version understood as the supreme one (Marduk is the usual one, as the main version known is the Babylonian version; the original probably had Enlil kill her), and her body was reshaped into the surface world.
  • The cockatrice was a legendary creature of medieval European myth, said to be born of a rooster's egg that had been incubated by a toad. It resembled a many-legged lizard with a fowl's beak and cockscomb, and its gaze and breath were supposed to be instant death for all living things save the weasel and the rue plant. The basilisk was its antecedent.

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