Time Attack is a mode in the Tekken series, which made its debut in Tekken 2. Time Attack mode is usually a cut down version of Arcade Mode with default game settings. In Time Attack, one must complete all stages in the shortest possible time.



Strictly speaking, there is no actual Time Attack mode in the first Tekken. However, simply playing in Arcade Mode would record the player's times, regardless of round and difficulty. If the player loses and changes character, the game will void their recorded time, just like the real arcade machine.

Tekken 2

Time Attack is essentially the same as a 2 round Arcade Mode game, with a 40 second time limit per round and the difficulty set to Medium. Settings cannot be changed in this mode, and are limited to:

  • Medium difficulty.
  • 40 seconds per round.
  • 2 round matches.
  • No guard damage.
  • Option to change characters is disabled.
Time Attack Results

A Time Attack results screen in Tekken 2.

The player also cannot pause Time Attack mode, and 2-player battles are disabled. The two cheat codes (wire frame and super deform/juggle modes) are also disabled in this mode. Interestingly, the loading backgrounds for Kazuya and Devil do not appear. Unlike the arcade machine, there is no replay or credits at the end, it simply displays the times recorded. Pressing Start on this screen will advance the player to the character time records, and it will prompt the player to put in their initials if the player has achieved a faster time than the previous time listed with their character.

Time records are character-specific, and the player can only have one time per character. If Time Attack is completed with Alex or Angel, their times are recorded as Roger and Devil respectively. As such, only 23 time records can be displayed; numbers after 20th are displayed erroneously as 21th, 22th and 23th respectively.

Differences between Arcade Mode and Time Attack

  • No pause feature.
  • No 2P versus games.
  • No pictures of Kazuya or Devil on the final stages.
  • No pre-fight animation for Devil.
  • No end-of-game replay or credits (as displayed on the arcade machine).
  • No ending videos.
  • No wire-frame, super deform or super juggle cheats can be used.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3's Time Attack is the same as in Tekken 2. Battles against Gon and Doctor Bosconovitch are removed. On the Japanese version, the '20th time record' bug is still listed, although it was fixed on the NTSC U/C and PAL versions.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament's version of Time Attack mode is that of the arcade version, but with the standard default specifications.

Tekken 4

Tekken 4's Time Attack is just like that of the earlier games; however the player can now pause the game.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

In Time Attack, the player fights through 9 stages with default settings (2 rounds, 60 seconds a round, normal difficulty level) with the aim of setting the fastest time. The player earns 25G a match and 50G for defeating Jinpachi Mishima at the end.

Tekken 6

Same as Tekken 5, but is only available on the PlayStation Portable version of the game. This is basically the same as Arcade Mode, with default settings (2 rounds, 60 seconds a round, normal difficulty) and the aim of breaking the time attack record (as seen in Records), but the opponents from Stage 3 onward are in their default attires (depending on the player's character's attire).

The player fights either Lars Alexandersson or Alisa Bosconovitch in Stage 6, much like the arcade machine version of the game. Upon defeating Lars/Alisa, the player fights NANCY-MI847J, but they don't have to defeat NANCY to advance, at the cost of gaining no bonus and the stage time recorded as 01:30:00. They must defeat Jin Kazama in his 2P attire (or 1P, if the player is controlling 2P Jin) in Stage 8. After defeating Jin, the player must defeat Azazel to end the mode. The player gains 1500G a match, 1000-30000G for defeating NANCY, and 10000G for defeating Azazel at the end.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

This is basically the same as the normal Arcade Mode, but with default settings (2 rounds, 90 seconds per round, normal difficulty). The aim of the mode is to finish the game in the fastest time possible.

The player's team (or the player themself, when fighting solo) will fight Jinpachi and Heihachi Mishima in Stage 7, much like the arcade version of the game. Upon defeating them, the player fights True Ogre in Stage 8, who must be defeated to advance to Stage 9. After defeating True Ogre, the player fights Jun Kazama, who transforms into Unknown upon her first defeat. The player must then defeat Unknown to complete the mode.

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