Tsunami Kick

Kazuya's version of the Tsunami Kick.


Heihachi's version of Tsunami Kick.


Other characters like Hwoarang can also perform the Tsunami Kick, although its damage and properties are different.

Command WS+4,4 (for Mishima fighters and Baek)
d/f+3,3 (Kazuya and Devil Jin)
WS+3,3 (Lee, Ogre; left foot)

Chain ender
f,n,d,d\f,n,4,4 (Heihachi standalone)

Stance While rising
Damage 20,25 (TK)
20,15 (Kazuya TK2 Arcade Ver.A)
6,6 (Baek 10-Hit TK2-TTT; left foot)
13,21 (TK2; Jin, Ogre TK3)

20,21 (Heihachi chain TK2)
10,25 (Lee TK2; Ogre TK3-TTT; left foot)
12,21 (Heihachi, TK3)
18,21 (Heihachi chain TK3)
13,15 (Hwoarang TK3-TTT)
13,18 (Jin, Kazuya, Devil, Ogre TTT)
12,18 (Heihachi TTT)
14,21 (Heihachi chain TTT)
10,17 (Lee TTT; left foot)
13,16 (Baek TTT)
15,19 (Kazuya TTT2)

Hit Range mm
Properties none
Move Frames Hit Advantage
- -4 ~-3S
Block Advantage CH Advantage
- -4 ~-3S
The Tsunami Kick, called Heel Drop/Axe Kick (踵落とし Kakato Otoshi) in Japan, is one of many Mishima Style Fighting Karate moves spanning the Tekken series. This move made its debut in the first game of the series. Starting with the arcade version of Tekken, Heihachi could combo a Tsunami Kick at the end of a Spinning Demon (Hell Sweep). As a general rule, the input for Mishima characters is WS+4,4 (although Kazuya and Devil Jin also have a simpler command that is d/f+4,4.

Baek and Hwoarang also have a similar move, where the axe kick can hit a grounded opponent while also putting Hwoarang into his right stance and Baek chaining into the Albatross or Javelin. Lee and Ogre have a left-footed version of this move which can chain to the Infinity Kick.

The Tsunami Kick was one of the most used moves by the CPU (as Kazuya, or more commonly Heihachi) in the arcade version of Tekken. By contrast, it was rarely ever used by the CPU in the PlayStation version of Tekken. Heihachi can't use the shortened command available to Devil Jin and Kazuya,  he must either follow a f,n,d,d\f,n,4,4 to do the standalone standing variant.

When to use

A Tsunami Kick can be used just about any time where an opponent has whiffed a high move, a throw or a combo, such as Law's 5 high punch combo (commonly used by the CPU, but rarely by another player of course). It is initiated by rising from a crouched position.

It can also be done during a crouch dash (f,N,d,d/f,N), except for Hwoarang and the Ogres, and even a QCF dash when using Heihachi.

In Tekken 3 and later games, it can be used as an anti-tech roll juggle ender.


  • The Tsunami Kick is essentially a rising front kick and axe kick combo. The first part kicks the opponent in the face, forcing them to stand straight up, while the second part of the kick comes down right on their head, taking up to a third of their health in the earlier games. The move, along with Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks, was most likely inspired from the Street Fighter series, where Ryu can do a similar move albeit with different properties.