Urban Jungle is a stage in Tekken 5. The stage is an noticably urban environment where men that are kept away from the fighters by many metal bars cheer the fighters on. There are many speakers seen stacked on top of one another. Vehicles such as three white vans, one of which is seen suspended by ropes, are also in the background. The vehicles' headlights are on and shine brightly. Also, the lighting is dimly lit as the headlights of the vehicles' provide little light.

Characters with interludes here are:

Background Music

The stage BGM is titled "Unforgiven".

Tekken 5 - Unforgiven02:07

Tekken 5 - Unforgiven



  • The stage is similar to Tekken 4's Underground stage.
  • The cheering men can still be heard even if the background music is turned off.
    • The cheering men are yelling "Whoo-Whoo-Whoo!" throughout the battle.
    • If one fighter has K.O'ed, they will shout "Damn it, come on!".
  • This stage corresponds to the Ghetto Pit stage in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.
  • For a few seconds, when the ranking is seen on this stage, the cheering men will disappear.

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