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    New name

    September 16, 2013 by Aoikis

    This is not reeeeeally important, but I just wanted to tell that my username has been changed from Redside12 to Aoikis so anyone wont ask where the hell I came from =p.

    (That is, if you go to the userpage "Redside12" it'll redirect to my current name (uvu)b)

    (Also, during the process I was unable to edit. orz)

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  • Aoikis


    Before I could do anything I thought it was a better idea to see what others think. So... Well, I saw all of those pages with the moves that characters do and it all, but I think that some of them don't need a whole page only for one line. Some like this or this I understand why they're there, but the very small pages doesn't makes me feel comfortable.

    So may I suggest one thing... I guess that maybe it's a better idea if we had pages like, hm, Lars Alexandersson's Moves/List of Lars Alexandersson's Moves and list them on the page; and the pages with more content (e.g. Omen Rising Uppercut I linked) should be a very brief resume and then "to see more information, click here (insert link of the page in this here)"?

    I guess that would makeā€¦

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