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List of missing customization parts/items in Tekken Tag 2

I've already unlocked everything in Ghost Battle, but some character specific items from Tekken 6 are not available in this game, some items are actually new in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. But anyway, here's the following list.


  • Vintage Jeans & Engineer Boots: A Lower Body part for Vest & Wrist Cuffs. You can purchase a Jeans & Boots as an alternative. But however, the Jeans is tucked in.


  • Ushanka: A Head part for Military Coat (Trench Coat).
  • Sniper Rifle: The Other part for Military Coat (Trench Coat). This has been replaced by Grenade Launcher in TTT2.


  • Chinese Coronet: A Head part for Chinese Armor set.
  • Monk Head: A Head part for Monk Top.
  • Buddhist Monk Beard: A Face part for Monk Top.


  • Emperor's Helm (Armor Helm): A Head part for Emperor's set (Armor set).


  • Long Hair: A Head part for Aristocrat Coat (Justaucorps).
  • 2P Pants & Aristocrat Boots: A Lower Body part for Aristocrat Coat (Justaucorps).
  • Aristocrat Mantle: The Other part for Aristocrat Coat (Justaucorps).


  • 2P Pants: A Lower Body part for 2P Shirt (Shirt with Suspenders). You can purchase a Formal Slacks as an alternative.


  • Kung Fu Hairstyle: A Head part for Kung Fu set.


  • 2P Pants (Tough Guy Pants): A Lower Body part for 2P Jacket (Tough Guy Jacket). You can purchase a Leather Pants as an alternative.


  • Dreads: A Head part for Leather Coat (Trench Coat).
  • Leather Pants: A Lower Body part for Leather Coat (Trench Coat).


  • Jiang Shi Bottom: A Lower Body part for Jiang Shi Hat & Jiang Shi Top.


  • Vidya Raja Legs (Demon Warrior Bottom): A Lower Body part for Trailokya Vijiaya Head (Gozanze Head) & Vajra Yaksa Body (Demon Warrior Top).

Note: I'm only have the PSP version of Tekken 6 to recheck these items.

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