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  • BlazeSeed366

    We all know that Lars is a character from the sixth game and returns for the subsequent ones and its spin-offs. Like Atsumi a.k.a. Ryukou who is a big fan of Claudio. Rose a.k.a. BlazeSeed366 who is currently a big fan of Jin despite the guy's role as an anti-hero. But this woman Vanessa who herself as Vinny or Vin by me a.k.a. v0lauvent and Lars Alexandersson himself who is the big fan of Lars himself in the actual game.

    I remember seven years ago, when I started RPing with them, I can see Vin portrays as Lars until when she became the admin of their own forum.

    By the time I made a stupid mistake that I just personally remarked one of the RPers about the personal picture she had sent to them which leads my permanent ban by them knowing it w…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Like I said this story of mine is fanon so it will moved into the

    In Strangest Things: The Last Revelation, its a direct sequel to the unofficial fic, Strangest Things 3: The Final Vengeance. The main character of the story will be Rhima's father, Jun "Hunyo" Panganiban who becomes strangely involved in the Tekken 7 game's storyline and searching the mysterious Japanese woman in his dream who turns out to be Kazumi Mishima, the final boss of the game.

    The characters will be either Filipino players like Josie in this game or Filipino gamers with mixed heritage loved to play the game will be chosen as their video game partners. It also has more additional gags like in the previous stories of mine as well as the references based…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    I ever seen Katarina Alves is a newbie in Tekken 7 and is the first female character to use Savate. But in the Street Fighter series, Remy is also the first male character to use this fighting style since his appearance in Street Fighter: 3rd Strike.

    What's the differences between both characters in the two respective games? Simple, both characters have similar stance and their special attacks are more focused on kicks.

    1. Remy's special attacks are focused on kicks while Katarina's special attacks are also kicks but one of her combos are more focus on punches but hitting with a knee as a last blow.

    2. Katarina's personality as mentioned as a sassy mouthed and a vocal talker but being rude as shown in her pre-quotes and her win animations whi…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Since the first live-action of Tekken 2009 movie's release. The prequel of this live action movie is already showing in my place in the Philippines. The second live action of this 2014 was called Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge. In my place in the Philippines it was called from their promotional poster called Tekken 2: Origins.

    The younger Kazuya is portrayed by Ian Anthony Dale who previously portrays the older Kazuya in the 2009 movie. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa finally reprises his role as the old bastard Heihachi and Gary Daniels who portrays Bryan during the 2009 movie. There are new characters appear but it's not related in the game are Natasha, Chloe, Aura, Ezra and Thorn. Other casts in the movie are just minors.

    You can comment this since the fi…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Since Lars is now playable in the seventh game, Jun is also confirmed in this game too according to the blogs in different websites that I research about Tekken 7. Since it finally shows the full trailer and Kazumi Mishima is now added to the cast. I do not know what's Jun's role in this game since her latest appearance in the spin off game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

    One more thing, I have comments about the full trailer of Tekken 7.

    During that trailer, I heard both Kazuya and Kazumi are speaking in English instead of their native language. But I do not know who voices Kazuya in that trailer and his voice is similar to his Tekken: Blood Vengeance instead of his Street Fighter X Tekken's voice. But for some reason. I saw the plot in Tekken 7 …

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