I'll admit about all my fanon fics in about the title "The Strangest Things" 

This is all about real people who were the ones releasing the Tekken characters from the game and other real people are shown to act strange, odd, and weird.

In real life, they can only play the game such as it's arcade machine kits and the consoles such as PSP, PS3 and the latest PS4 games particularly the Tekken series. But in the story, the real people can play the game but accidentally releasing the characters from the game chose them as their partners. 


"Don't underestimated me in a fight, Hunyo."

Both Rhima and her father Hunyo are the only ones to release the game characters when they are spoke by the characters they chose them to play the game (eg. Jin and Lee) as both noticed it was totally strange.  In both Final Vengeance and Last Revelation, Hunyo is also seen to act something odd whenever he meets certain characters such as both Jun Kazama and Kazumi Mishima which both are from the Tekken game. In the first part of Last Revelation, Hunyo is also shown to be joking around other people when he wants to pray someone to get well. This is demonstrated during his travels in the Tekken storyline where he wants to pray Jin's recovery from his coma especially in his conversation with Jin within their subconscious as well as their personal conversation before he goes to the recreation center. His joker side becomes more apparent in the end when he remembers about his terrible childhood towards his game partner, Lee.

The most strangest relationship so far is the romantic relationship between both Jin Kazama and Rhima Panganiban and the weird thing on their relationship is that Jin is a game character and is the only person would naturally likes Rhima because of her caring nature and hospitality and she is the only person who released him in the game. Unlike other characters who were released by other real people who serve as their partners, Jin likes to stay in the real world where real people lives peacefully due to his world from his game is truly chaotic and his feud with the Mishima family. He even considering the Panganiban family as his own family because of their hospitality. Therefore, Jin is frequently pranked by Rhima several times when she shows her playful side as he becomes extremely sensitive and always annoyed about the prank that she made for him. Some of her pranks occur when Jin finally shows his revealing side particularly if he wears either a hot pants or his Swimsuit DLC. Because on the game or being paired with Ling Xiaoyu in the fanfics, he was not being pranked mostly by other people due to his dislike of close relations. However, his devil form also shows his impulsive side despite how bad he was in the game. This attitude is demonstrated when he immediately kisses her to make him revert back to his normal state but Rhima becomes mad from his actions causing Jin to apologize to her. In Time and Again despite his role of being a bad guy, Jin maintains his behavior in the games but he slowly begins to have strong feelings for Rhima as the latter ignores him for most part until Jin reveals the truth of his actions and her break-up with Rei. In both Final Vengeance and Last Revelation, the two remained together as their relationship is based on the married couple, Kazunori Inaba (Ryousuke Kaizu) and Georgette Anne Inaba who were handling the tokusatsu charity events called "Toku Spirits". But in the near end of the first part of Last Revelation, Jin calmly tells Rhima not to feel upset about him because of his role in the game and maintains his romantic relationship with her. In the second part however, they maintained their relationship and there are times when Rhima was annoyed and stressed from Kyle's teases and other kinds of trouble involving their missions to take down some members from Arias Verde which makes Jin decided to help her out under his disguise. But during the Pattaya segment, Rhima was shocked and surprised when Jin wears a modified fundoshi in front of her after he rescued her from one of Arias Verde members which he originally used to wear it as part of his disguise and became flusterred to see him due to his muscular approach. 

Most enemies in the real world can be seen as odd and weird. This is commonly seen such as John Vanderkaum, Ralphie Mendoza and Manuel Schnitkka are the ones to deal against Hunyo and his comrades particularly due to them are releasing the characters from the game and became as their partners. Both Ralphie and Manuel are mostly manipulated by Heihachi Mishima which is also the character from the game. 

Other real people such as Rolento Valdez who is worried for his partner King II since Armor King II his game partner was incapacitated in the current game. Brian Navarro is also shown to be odd and despicable due to his initial appearance until his behavior changes after Keiya's death. Rei Cashimiro acts similarly like his father Keiya but became a weak person due to Asuka's brashy behavior and being overbearing. Rick Marquez also acts like a stereotypical gamer who is very expert on playing Lars in the game but this changes when Lars became his game partner after realizing to see him in person. Krelian Sarthou can be seen as a strange moderator whenever Claudio goes to his own plans same goes to both Ibrahim and Margie who releases both of their game partners Shaheen and Josie respectively. and Rhima's rival, Benzon is having a strange relationship with his game partner, Katarina Alves which he horribly denies their relationship when Rhima angrily berates him.