Since the first live-action of Tekken 2009 movie's release. The prequel of this live action movie is already showing in my place in the Philippines. The second live action of this 2014 was called Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge. In my place in the Philippines it was called from their promotional poster called Tekken 2: Origins.

The younger Kazuya is portrayed by Ian Anthony Dale who previously portrays the older Kazuya in the 2009 movie. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa finally reprises his role as the old bastard Heihachi and Gary Daniels who portrays Bryan during the 2009 movie. There are new characters appear but it's not related in the game are Natasha, Chloe, Aura, Ezra and Thorn. Other casts in the movie are just minors.

You can comment this since the first live action movie is already flop with negative critics by fans. I know for sure this one would get more critics about this movie.

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