Ever since I played Tekken 3 until Tekken 6, I mostly play Jin Kazama in the game. But most of my fics are very focused on him. I had a very strong imagination about Jin whenever I make fanfics especially to all of PSY songs where I could make a gag fic where he could dance like "Gangnam Style" or "Daddy".

Whenever I make a fanfic, I could alwags imagine he dances all of PSY's songs. I had two versions between "Gangnam Style" and Gentleman" where some scenes within my crossover fic or th3 actual fic based on the games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Tekken 7.

Since Tekken 7 is going to release soon, I just imagined the gag scenes where Jin was walking to see other characters based on their Story Mode where Steve tries to defend his mother Nina, Kuma chases Josie who is running away in tears, Claudio and Xiaoyu are having a rootbeer challenge with King II and both Kazuya and Heihachi are having a brawl but both were knocked down by Kazumi. Jin also has a dance showdown with his rival, Hwoarang and all of his appearances comes from his new main outfit and his various customizations. Those things I've said right now comes PSY's new song,"I Luv it".

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