We all know that Lars is a character from the sixth game and returns for the subsequent ones and its spin-offs. Like Atsumi a.k.a. Ryukou who is a big fan of Claudio. Rose a.k.a. BlazeSeed366 who is currently a big fan of Jin despite the guy's role as an anti-hero. But this woman Vanessa who herself as Vinny or Vin by me a.k.a. v0lauvent and Lars Alexandersson himself who is the big fan of Lars himself in the actual game.

I remember seven years ago, when I started RPing with them, I can see Vin portrays as Lars until when she became the admin of their own forum.

By the time I made a stupid mistake that I just personally remarked one of the RPers about the personal picture she had sent to them which leads my permanent ban by them knowing it was an insult for them even other Filipinos became angry from my personal bad remarks. I realizes that Canadians or Americans if you remark personally about their appearance, it was a taboo for them which considers as unforgivable.

Until this day when I became a mod in this wiki, A Singaporean friend of mine just informed me that Vannesa just closed her RP forum. I cannot believe that other RPers are complaining about her and her administration in that forum. Probably because others from different time zones are unable to roleplay, or they do the acting in a private manner which she had done with fellow female RPer to make Lars and an female OC go on a romantic drama on the roleplay. Especially, something has wrong with her administration just like both administrations in both BlazBlue and Totally Spies wiki becomes horrible and disappointed.

If you register in her forum, the registration is already disabled which means she finally closed the whole forum.

But she already had one site had left behind after she gained several problems is her which she made a fanon fic called If you only knew which is a Yaoi based pairing between Lars and Tougou. I noticed her addictions to Lars was strong and she always sending internet picture memes of him either a Silent Entry or Dynamic Entry to other people.

If anyone reads her fic, everyone will be surprised with her pairings with the two and she's the only person who mostly portrays as Lars.

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