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The upcoming Strangest Things: The Last Revelation

Like I said this story of mine is fanon so it will moved into the

In Strangest Things: The Last Revelation, its a direct sequel to the unofficial fic, Strangest Things 3: The Final Vengeance. The main character of the story will be Rhima's father, Jun "Hunyo" Panganiban who becomes strangely involved in the Tekken 7 game's storyline and searching the mysterious Japanese woman in his dream who turns out to be Kazumi Mishima, the final boss of the game.

The characters will be either Filipino players like Josie in this game or Filipino gamers with mixed heritage loved to play the game will be chosen as their video game partners. It also has more additional gags like in the previous stories of mine as well as the references based on noontime shows, gag shows and Sunday night shows.

So far, the characters that I confirmed who releases the game characters and became as their game partners.

Returning Characters:

Jun "Hunyo" Panganiban- is the professor and Traditional Karate Master of University of the East Letre branch and Rhima Panganiban's father who is greatly respective to his students and fellow professors alike. He later becomes a vigilante to fight against people with injustice. He now currently searches about a mysterious Japanese woman in his dreams after the explosion incident. He was also involves in battle against the tyrannical organization named DIRGE. As a gamer, he is expert in playing Lee Chaolan but does not play anyone else including Jin Kazama. Jin becomes Hunyo's partner after Rhima told him to take care of him. Although he does not use him in the game only his daughter is expert in playing him.

His game partner is Lee Chaolan and Jin Kazama (temporary) 

Fighting Style: Traditional Karate and Modern Street Style Jujitsu.

Rayver "Rei" Cashimiro- is the current head of Silveria Corporation and Rhima's childhood friend who neutralizes the game characters appearing in their real world that they lived in. He helps Hunyo to investigate the unfamiliar surroundings in their world and to discover that the machine has been broken which resulted in the explosion with a white light glowed throughout the globe. Later, Rei and his company aids Hunyo and the others to fight against DIRGE.

His game partner is Devil Jin (formerly) Asuka Kazama (currently)

Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts and Onmiyoji Magics

Rick Marquez- is the professor of Lyceum of Manila and Rei's personal bodyguard who is expert in playing Lars Alexandersson during Strangest Things 2. He also lends Lars to aid Hunyo in every missions to find people who were chosen by their game partners somewhere in other provinces in the Philippines. Later, he also aids Rhima during the UST siege in fighting against DIRGE soldiers until Jin and Lars aids them.

His game partner is Lars Alexandersson

Fighting Style: Military Combat and Firearms.

Rhima Panganiban- is a graduate student turned teacher in UST Education Grade School and the daughter of Jun "Hunyo" Panganiban. She is the sole survivor of John Vanderkaum's experiment to form a psychic assassin. She is currently has a relationship to her game partner Jin Kazama who aids her father in his missions. She also aids Josie Rizal during the hotel fight against the DIRGE soldiers. She and Josie are also disgusted towards Casey Lanuza during their Baguio encounter and later she was aided by Rick Marquez during the UST siege against the DIRGE soldiers until Jin and Lars come to their aid. Rhima is an intellect gamer which others are recognized her for being an expert gamer and is known to use Jin in the game as she anticipates his moves. Despite Jin's transfered his game essence on the third Strangest Things, Rhima is still able to use him in the game as the latter was not present knowing that Jin is able to get through other arcade machines and consoles by assimilating the screen of it's machines and it occurs a flash of white light. 

Her game partner is Jin Kazama

Fighting Style: Standard-based Karate and 3 forms of Martial Arts.

Brian Navarro- is the former ruthless Taekwondo master and the owner of the noodle house in Binondo, Manila and Crimson Navarro's father. He also becomes a vigilante similar to Hunyo to aids his former rival when its necessary during his travel. He later aids Hunyo and Margie on infiltrating the main base of operation within the DIRGE organization.

His game partner is Baek Doo San (formerly) Hwoarang (currently)

Fighting Style: Taekwondo and Sousetsuken Hybrid Martial Arts.

New Characters:

Ibrahim Abdul Jaranilla- is a Zamboanga Del Norte native who is a former MILF soldier turned Training Instructor for the PNP-SAF. He trains other officers in hand-to hand combat and self-defense. He also experience his life while he was an MILF soldier and after discovering his group left to terrorize other provinces in both Maguindano and South Cotabato and making it's splinter group (referring to the splinter group the BIFF) he decides to leave the group and live a normal life and wants to protect the innocent by fighting them with fists. He was severely injured by his former group only to be saved by Lars, Hunyo and Shaheen who manages to kill it's leader with his Rage Art move. He is currently protected by his game partner Shaheen. He is also an ex-gamer who previously play Tekken 5 at the time when he plays Tekken 7 arcade at the mall he stays, he plays Shaheen as he became his game partner. He also speaks in Chavacano.

His game partner is Shaheen

Fightng Style: Self-Defense Combat Style

Marjorie "Margie" Ordonez- is an operative of the Intelligence and Enforcement group of the Bureau of Customs who has an intel about the explosion incident as well as illegal activities by importing replica items. She is also a former mixed martial artist and an AFP soldier as Hunyo discovers her fighting abilities. She is also an ex-gamer like Ibrahim and she plays Josie Rizal in Tekken 7 at the Quantum Amusement in SM Manila. During the Baguio incident, she was abducted and tortured by the DIRGE soldiers who are planning for kidnap and ransom only to be saved by both Jin and Hunyo and was immediately take her in the hospital. She now aids Hunyo in order to stop DIRGE. She strongly resembles the late Liezl Martinez as her outfit is based on Julia Murai from GTO.

Her game partner is Josie Rizal

Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts and Military Combat

Krelian Sarthou- is a Filipino-American christian singer who takes up live shows with fellow christian singers within the unnamed church organization similar to CCF. He is also a gamer who uses Claudio Serafino in the game. He is also unaware that Claudio is after Jin due to his occupation against Devil Gene users. He was pursued by Hunyo as the latter always participates the christian service alone. During the Baguio incident, he serves as a moderator to his game partner, Claudio who has plans to deal with Jin and also to use Rhima as it means to confront him. But most of plans ended up backfired. His appearance is based on one of the christian singers during live shows and his full name is play on one of the CCF Pastors, Ricky Sarthou.

His game partner is Claudio Serafino

Casey Lanuza- is a Baguio native who always go to SM City Baguio for her love of fashion and a culture freak. During the Baguio incident, Both Rhima and Josie encounters her due to her love of fashion and her addiction to shopping. Both also became disgusted to her due to her language with a strong konio accent as she speaks to them. She was also responsible on releasing her game partner, Lucky Chloe which matches both of them for being a culture freak which both Rhima and Josie become dismayed to see them together.

Her game partner is Lucky Chloe

Manuel Schnitkka- is the leader of DIRGE organization and the main antagonist of the story. He plans to eliminate people who grows bonded with other game characters who had released from the game. Originally, he is the boss of John Vanderkaum before he became rogue to their organization. In his younger years, he formerly plays Craig Marduk in the games until Tekken 5. 

His game partner is Gigas

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