Okay, ever since playing from Tekken 2 up to Tekken 6... there's only one character which is I mostly used in the game itself. Everyone thinks I like this character or had a crush on that character. In truth I don't have a crush on that character. In fact I had a crush since college who always play as Devil Jin and I keep admiring that person just to play for this guy that I used in the game.

I keep on dressing him with casual fitted outfits, always wearing jackets. His black button shirt and pants in Tekken: Blood Vengeance he's really good on that outfit except that he let his clothes shredded when transforming into a Devil. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I keep on imagine this guy is wearing business suit just reminds me of two actors in my place when wearing Fundoshi which is hilarious? Never seen that his buttocks is to have no butt unlike other Tekken guys? It's kinda strange to see that he maybe a bad guy but he's got the looks.

Feel free to guess who is that character that I'm saying by comments and who is my favorite male character in the Tekken series of games. :DDDDD

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