Okay now before people start snapping at me I am not saying that there is or is not a Tekken 7 or another Tekken game but we need to start thinking realistically here. Next year is the 20th anniversary of Tekken and a game is bound to be released next year whether its Tekken 7, Death by Degrees 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 3 (unlikely but could happen) or an entirely new game, its time to shape it.

If there is another Tekken game then it has to be in development by now which needs that the fans need to shape it, the next Tekken based game has to be a great one. So let's start with the first vital thing, the characters. Not saying the characters are becoming vast in number but there are some characters that could be ommitted or changed for the series. So what do you think? Start shaping the next game in the series. Which characters should be ommitted for the benefit of the series in the next game or which characters should be added or even any new character ideas, you name it!

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