Hdutt2 here :) I am new to the Tekken Wiki and Wiki in general however I quite like the Tekken Series as a whole as it is one of the greatest fighters out there as shown as it is in the top three greatest fighting games series of all time alongside Mortal Kombat and Soul Caliber. This is why (depending on whether this has been done or not) want to see what the greatest Tekken moments in the series has been for you since Tekken 1 was first released up until Tekken Revolution and the upcoming Tekken 7.

Moments can be gaming related experiences you guys have had or even personal Tekken stories. Favourite character moves, that one last shot you got in to victory when you only had a little sliver of a life bar left, greatest ending or event that changed the series or anything like that you can go for it. So what's your greatest Tekken Gaming Moment?

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