Command inputs are the "directions" for the use of attacks in the Tekken series and other fighting games. Detailed below are the various type of inputs used in the series, as well as a basic guide to reading inputs and performing them.


All inputs mentioned on the wiki are meant to be read from the "default" perspective of a right-facing player character, unless noted otherwise. For a left-facing character, simply invert the direction.

For the sake of clarity, motions are "performed" in attack articles as opposed specifically to "pressed"; this is done for the sake of simplicity, and to acknowledge the use of arcade sticks as well as direction pads. In addition, the motions themselves will be underlined; hover over the underlined portions to see how to perform them. A link to this page will be provided next to the underlined section in the event further clarity is needed.

'Simple' Input


a simple direction (right), and a button (medium punch). For the most part, unique attack commands require specific buttons.

More of 'Simple' Inputs

X (LP)
Y (RP)
B (LK)
A (RK)

'Complex' Inputs


The above input is that of the Demon Angle Palm as Kazumi move, a Special Attack|special attack. 'Complex' inputs like these require at least one 'complex' motion and a button (Double punch)

'How' to Do It

when you are doing the T7 Command List, make sure you do this

1. write this File:X+Y.png
2. add a slash line going up and down
3. write 20px so it can be smaller

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