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  • Lahcenrekab

    These are two discs of Tekken 7: OST, some them are included in Tekken 7: FR.

    This is the Original Soundtracks (Score) of Tekken 7.The audio is in its highest quality (320 kbps).

    Most of the tracks are a bit Electronic, you’ll hear a lot of Dubstep, Drum ’n’ Bass and EDM pieces.

    Track listing:
    AJURIKA – Heat Haze Shadow (0:00)
    Taku Inoue – Fight Night (1:56)
    Rio Hamamoto – Dojo 1st (5:28)
    Rio Hamamoto – Dojo 2nd (9:56)
    Taku Inoue – Ruin 65 1st (13 :15)
    Taku Inoue – Ruin 65 2nd (16 :31)
    AJURIKA – Equator line 1st (19:20)
    AJURIKA – Equator line 2nd (22:21)
    Keiichi Okabe (B.K.O) – Arctic snowfall 1st (25:55)
    Keiichi Okabe  (B.K.O) – Arctic snowfall 2nd (30:26)
    Nobuyoshi Sano (sanodg) – The day before the glass matrix 1st (34:06)
    Nobuyoshi Sano …

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  • Lahcenrekab

    Tekken 7: FR Gameplays

    August 13, 2016 by Lahcenrekab
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