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    Tekken 7 Wishlist

    December 17, 2013 by Qalbinsalim25

    Some stuffs that i want to see in Tekken 7

    1. Add Devil Jin's humanoid form for his default 1p outfit (if he is playable)
    2. Bring back Jin's Tekken 4 Hoodie
    3. Bring back Jin's Tekken 4 Karate uniform for his default 1p outfit (if he is playable)
    4. Bring back Kazuya's Tekken 6 Extra outfit
    5. Bring Back the old juggling system (with bounds)
    6. Add Jin's Spinning High Kick (f+3) to his command list (If he is playable)
    7. Keep Kazuya's f,f,+2 (TTT2 version) in the command list
    8. Keep Kazuya's Devil transformation in the command list
    9. Remove the premium effects thing
    10. Remove the scenario campaign thing
    11. Enhance the graphics (obviously)
    12. Please make more techno battle sountracks (Cause I love to hear it while playing Tekken!)
    13. Add the Omen Stance into Jin's command list (if he is p…
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