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  • I live in The Anime World
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Student Middle-school level Musician/Composer Concept Artist and Keyboardist
  • I am a Snail?
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    Ok, Yoshimitsu is the only Tekken character that changes his outfit/appereance to a completely different one but his face is never shown.

    [Here are Yoshimitsus' outfits throughout Tekken: Yoshimitsu Gallery]

    I'm just going to point out some of the weird outfits of Yoshimitsu. In Tekken 4  he has fairy/cockroach wings and inhuman and monstrous feet with a rhino helmet and a skull mask. In Tekken 5 he's in full samurai/ninga armour with also a skull mask...and golden crab leg hair or tentacles?? In Tekken 7 he's like...half human and half squid monster. This time he has tentacles for hair, this shares a similarity with his Tekken 5 appereance despite the golden crab hair. His mask looks like a spiders face until the jaw down, which is seemingl…

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