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  • Seddielover12

    Hello, my fellow Tekken community. To my delight, I have seen an increase in pages regarding individual moves along with a surge of many informative gifs illustrating each respective move. This in part is one of the reasons I've decided to introduce a newer, more cooperative template specifically for moves. I hope it will catch on and further information can be provided for many pages that are currently article stubs.

    Special thanks to Ianmembrebe.officialaccount.vongolaprimo creating new pages & adding gifs. I appreciate it.

    • Spam Bomb

    So tell me what you guys think. Good idea or no?

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  • Seddielover12

    Hey, so I was checking out the game modes in TTT2 and I noticed there were two pages of the same mode: one by the name of Fight Lab and the other as "Fight Lab Mode". I realized it was completely pointless to have two different articles about the same concept. Plus, most of the sections on the Fight Lab Mode page were copied from the original Fight Lab article. However, both pages have valuable information that would be best intertwined into one single convenient article that addresses both aspects as explained. I like the overall format of the former page but the original goes more into detail but does require section format. I didn't want to delete anything yet without letting the fellow editors know of a concern I would like opinions on a…

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  • Seddielover12

    I've been noticing a lot of pages that address the player directly as 'you' when it is professional to say instead 'the player'. So if any of you editors just so happen to run across a paragraph or page that mentions 'you', please correct it and insert 'the player' instead. Thanks!

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  • Seddielover12

    Hello, Tekken community. Now a user removed crucial information in the character relations in the infobox. I'm hoping that us as a community can put the character relations on certain characters. They do deserve to be mentioned, cannon or not. It would be appreciated if that user 'Tekken brother' could readd the relations he removed, but I'm afraid It's too much for one person to correct. They were removed from most of the Kazama and Mishima relatives. So please, help me out as a caring concerning community. Please and thank you.

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