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Proper Template for Moves & Grapples

Hello, my fellow Tekken community. To my delight, I have seen an increase in pages regarding individual moves along with a surge of many informative gifs illustrating each respective move. This in part is one of the reasons I've decided to introduce a newer, more cooperative template specifically for moves. I hope it will catch on and further information can be provided for many pages that are currently article stubs.

Special thanks to Ianmembrebe.officialaccount.vongolaprimo creating new pages & adding gifs. I appreciate it.


Main article: Template:Moves
|Move Name = 
|Image(s) = 
|Command = 
|Stance  = 
|Damage  = 
|Hit Range  = 
|Properties = 
|Frames  = 
|Hit  = 
|Block = 
|CH  = 

Pages using this template


I've also made a template for grapples/throws.

Main article: Template:Grapple
|Throw Name = 
|Image(s) =  
|Command = 
|Type =
|Damage  = 
|Escape = 
|Properties = 

Pages using this template


So tell me what you guys think. Good idea or no?

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