The Ultimate Battle
Two of the world's legendary fighting game franchises have teamed up for the ultimate bout! Street Fighter and Tekken characters are now facing up in the same ring to do battle like never before! With up to 55 playable characters from both series and more! Gameplay is centered around the Street Fighter system, with an in development Tekken X Street Fighter being set within the Tekken fighting system.
To see lists of characters in each series:

Street Fighter X Tekken uses a modified Street Fighter IV engine. The KO system works similarly to the Tekken Tag Tournament where the fight ends when the first member of either team is defeated. The Street Fighter characters control using the mix of stick movements and six-button controls. Tekken Characters are also molded into this same system, but the series' four-button combo system is available using the d-pad controls.
Modes included in the title include:

  • Versus
  • Tag Team
  • Scramble Mode
  • Gem System

A strange, cubical object has crashed landed on the southern pole of earth, somewhere in the snows and ice of Antarctica. Nobody has any true idea of what the object is, where it came from, or it's purpose. All that is apparent is the massive, powerful energy that can be released from it when it beings come into conflict around it. The strange item is nicknamed Pandora, and several characters from the Tekken and Street Fighter universes form teams to search for Pandora. The storyline is non-canon to Street Fighter and Tekken series.
Specific teams of characters have their own unique story elements, including:

Included within the game are 11 stages that encompass the entire world of both franchises, as well as new stages. With the storyline taking place within Antartica, there are two special stages that are included in the quest for Pandora. Various stages from both franchises appear.
Some stages include:

  • Urban War Zone
  • Jurassic Era Research Facility
  • Mishima Estate
  • Pandora Box

Downloadable Content
Included as Downloadable Content for the game are Swap Costumes, which allow for characters to essentially swap into costumes inspired by the other series. In total, there are over 100 additional costumes that can be purchased for various characters. Also included is the mode Color Edit, which is a feature previously utilized in Capcom vs. SNK 2, that allows for changing of specific colors of each character's costume pallete
Some Costume Swaps include:

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