With the announcement of Tekken X Street Fighter, and Street Fighter X Tekken. I've been extremely excited for the thought of these two incredible games coming together. But who will be in them? What characters from both respected games will be in them? What do you think...I want to see:

1. Ryu & Kazuya Mishima

2. Chun-Li & Nina Williams

3. Ken Masters & Jin Kazama

4. Evil Ryu & Devil Jin

5. Master Gouken & Heihachi Mishima

6. Rose & Lili

7. Bison & Lars Alexandersson

8. Balrog & King

9. Vega & Anna Williams

10. Sagat & Raven

11. Guile & Paul Phoenix

12. Zangief & Kuma

The Shadow User 15:39, November 22, 2010 (UTC)The Shadow User

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