I found this chart that clearly shows a good understanding of Tekken characters relationship, plus a little research. Plus some of the relationships are not included, I'll list them down.


Other relationship not shown in chart:

Wang Jinrei: Distant relative of Ling Xiaoyu

Ogre: Killed Jun Kazama, seriously injured Baek Doo San

Dr. Boskonovitch: Captured by Kazuya Mishima, killed by Bryan Fury

Ganryu: Hired bodyguard of Kazuya Mishima

Armor King: Once good friend and rival of King

Hwoarang: Is considering Jin Kazama his rival

Forest Law: Is also a good friend of Paul Phoenix Kazuya Mishima: Is once rival of Paul Phoenix

And also the...

Tekken Characters Participation Chart

The chart below shows character participation in each Tekken games.


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