With the release of Street Fighter X Tekken today, many critics are sharing their thoughts about this game. We will share with you a few selections of the various online reviews for this game.

Loved It

Score: 9/10
"The fast pace of the combat and fluidity of the tag mechanics truly bring Street Fighter X Tekken to the top of the fighting game heap. The Gem system is a fine addition that manages to do something daring by offering some new strategy to the fighting, and the two rosters complement each other very well."

Score: 8.5/10
"Street Fighter X Tekken is basically an amalgamation of various mechanics from a number of different fighting games -- thankfully, it all gels. When you think about it, things like Boost Combos and the Quick Combo system are hard-built into every version of SFxT -- every player has an equal opportunity to use or ignore these features without fragmentation."

Score: 9/10
"Capcom is often charged with failing to substantially innovate in its iterative fighting games. Street Fighter x Tekken is a sucker-punch to the stomach of that accusation, revealing a design team drunk on ideas. It's vibrant and exciting - although, of course, with the sheer number of variables now in play, it's entirely possible that players will find exploits to upset the fine balance of the game, requiring some of the iterative work for which Capcom is so well known."

Game Informer
Score: 8.75/10
"Capcom’s been touting the game’s accessibility for a while now, but even with auto-blocking gems, it’s clear that this game is for the fans. You can still have a lot of fun even if you can barely pull off any advanced techniques –particularly in the game’s chaotic, four-player simultaneous Scramble mode – but there’s an incredible amount of depth in this game."

Wikian Reviews

If you have a copy of this game, please share with us your likes and dislikes of it. We want to hear from you guys too!

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