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  • I live in Jakarta Indonesia
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is Gamer and Fighter
  • I am Male
  • Whowahninja


    February 2, 2013 by Whowahninja

    Well many people are asking about the rumors about Zombie glitch in Tekken 6 stage "Cemetery". Well when i go to training mode, i saw an old man with a shovel dissasembling a grave. I thought it was a human. Then after i read in the Tekkenpedia "Cemetery" stage, there's a note says "At one angle, you can see a Zombie-like creature holding it's back and walking very slowly." then i realize that it was him! The old man was the zombie!

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  • Whowahninja

    Alright part 3 story. Here we go!


    "Last time on Another Dream About Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu nearly killed by a thug who held a sharp knife. Luckily, a young saiyan with purple hair suddenly appears. And it's Trunks. The son of Vegeta from the future. Trunks defeated the thug with his Burning Attack and Xiaoyu saved. The story begins. Now."

    • Xiaoyu: I wonder where Shin go.
    • Shin: Hey.
    • Xiaoyu: Ah! There you are.
    • Shin: Are you looking for me?
    • Xiaoyu: Yes.
    • Shin: What do you want.
    • Xiaoyu: Uh..Nevermind
    • Shin: Hmm.
    • Xiaoyu: That's my old school. Mishima Polytechnical School.
    • Shin: Ohh.. same school with Kazama right?
    • Xiaoyu: Yes.
    • Shin: But unlike here. People changed. Oh yeah how about Kazama?
    • Xiaoyu: Do you mean Jin? I think he is fine.
    • Shin: Have you ever met him?
    • Xi…
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  • Whowahninja

    Alright part 2 story. Here we go!


    "Last time on Another Dream About Xiaoyu. All saiyans are arrived on earth and they're ready for the next action. Their goal is only one. And it's "To Protect". The story begins now!"

    • Lee: Now tell me is that spelled with Y and U?
    • Xiaoyu: Yes so..Mr. Lee..
    • Lee: Excellent welcome to my classroom. If you want take seat right over there.
    • Xiaoyu: Where exactly?
    • Lee: Any just pick which one is available.
    • Xiaoyu: But sir. Every seat are available.
    • Lee: It's seems like everybody are focused on the festival. Alright let's get started.
    • Xiaoyu: Aww come on (Man this guy is too pushy). International school is easy.
    • Lee: Oh by the way your first lesson will be Mr. Vegeta's lesson. Hope you enjoy learning.
    • Xiaoyu: (His name…
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  • Whowahninja

    After my first dream that i discovered to you via my blog post, now it's really happened again. And this one was exactly happened to me like a movie. And also my favorite characters from DBZ (Including: Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Gohan) are appeared in my dream. Interestingly, the one who roles as Goku is me. Ugh enough talk! let's get started.


    The scene between Anna vs Nina doesn't happened in my dream. So it's started when Xiaoyu transfered to KIS.

    Here we go

    "One day a peaceful day in Kyoto suddenly distrubed by a running Panda. The panda make everyone shocked. And the peaceful gone. *sigh*."

    • ???: 5 minutes more to seven o'clock.

    "That panda crashes bicycles and many people. The owner of the panda is. A you excited girl named 'Xiaoy…

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  • Whowahninja

    TTT2 Stages Locations

    September 6, 2012 by Whowahninja

    I Found some updates about TTT2. It's about the stages locations. And it's getting BETTER AND BETTER than the stages that we already saw it in last Tekken games. It's about the nationality of each stages.

    • Winter Palace (Canada)
    • Moonlit Wilderness (UK)
    • Riverside Promenade (France)
    • Historic Townsquare (Germany)
    • Tulip Festival (Netherlands)
    • Fireworks over Barcelona (Spain)
    • Artic Dream (Finland)
    • Fontana Di Trevi (Italy)
    • Tempest (Norway)

    • Snoop Dogg (USA)
    • Festive Parade (USA)
    • Condor Canyon (Colombia)
    • Brazil (Brazil)

    • Arena (Japan)
    • Sakura Schoolyard (Japan)
    • Hall of Judgement (Japan)
    • Naraku (Japan)
    • Bountiful Sea (South Parcific Sea)
    • Dusk After The Rain (China)
    • Wayang Kulit (Indonesia)
    • Eternal Paradise (Fiji)
    • Coastline Sunset (Philippines)

    • Heavenly Garden
    • Fallen Garden

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