After my first dream that i discovered to you via my blog post, now it's really happened again. And this one was exactly happened to me like a movie. And also my favorite characters from DBZ (Including: Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Gohan) are appeared in my dream. Interestingly, the one who roles as Goku is me. Ugh enough talk! let's get started.


The scene between Anna vs Nina doesn't happened in my dream. So it's started when Xiaoyu transfered to KIS.

Here we go

"One day a peaceful day in Kyoto suddenly distrubed by a running Panda. The panda make everyone shocked. And the peaceful gone. *sigh*."

  • ???: 5 minutes more to seven o'clock.

"That panda crashes bicycles and many people. The owner of the panda is. A you excited girl named 'Xiaoyu". She arrived at her school nearly late. But with panda's help, she finally arrived at school savely.

  • Xiaoyu: Phew.. that was close one. I'm very proud of you.
  • Panda: Rrrr.. (We're finally here)
  • Xiaoyu: Here's the bamboo for your breakfast. I'll meet ya after lunch.
  • Panda: Rrrr?! (Wha..?)
  • Xiaoyu: Hey jus eat it now. Bamboo doesn't cheap you know!
  • Panda: Rrrrr!!.. Rrr! (It's not what i mean. See who is behind you!)

"A fat, weird sumo wrestler named Ganryu suddenly appeared behind Xiaoyu."

  • Ganryu: Xiaoyu from class B!
  • Xiaoyu: Don't worry i'm still have 7 seconds more.
  • Ganryu: It's not what i mean. principal want you to meet her. Now!

"They quickly rushes to Headmaster's room". They're talk so much.

  • Xiaoyu: Transferred?! Why? Did i just do something fatal?
  • Ganryu: No but you have a debt with gym 300 Yen!
  • Xiaoyu: I can't pay that. One day i'll pay that. I swear.
  • Ganryu: Not just that.
  • Xiaoyu: Then what's next?
  • Ganryu: Here's your yesterday test result. You do many mistakes and you're very not discipline!
  • Xiaoyu: Ahh c'mon don't be serious on that.
  • Ganryu: But headmaster want you to be transferred tomorrow! Now what's next, principal?
  • Xiaoyu: Why? Hold a sec you can't do that.

"That's wasn't the real principal. It's Anna williams. A woman who works together with Kazuya and the G Corp. She throw knife on Xiaoyu's forehead. But she successfully avoid the knife."

  • Xiaoyu: Principal what who are you!?
  • Anna: Originally from china. I'm Anna williams.
  • Xiaoyu: What do you want from me. Who the heck are you?
  • Anna: You will be transferred to Kyoto international school tomorrow and make contact with this guy.
  • Xiaoyu: Who is he?
  • Anna: He is an experiment of mutare. Mutare is also have a connection with G Corporation. Now do you know who is the guy who lead G Corp?
  • Xiaoyu: Kazuya.
  • Anna: And Checkmate my little agent. You'll be transferred to Kyoto International School. Which is the best school in Kyoto. The student are clever and the security is totally secure.

"When she walks around Kyoto International School field, she meet with a guy with a pointy black hair and orange Gi. Of course that isn't Jin. That man was Goku. A full-blooded saiyan who came to earth from the ruined planet Vegeta. He stay in Kyoto in order to do his special mission with his comerades. During his mission in the school, he disguised as a student and his friends are disguised as security and one of them as teacher."

  • Goku: Hey..i never seen you before. Who are you?
  • Xiaoyu: I'm Xiaoyu. And who are you?
  • Goku: Nice to meet you i'm Goku and i'm not a human.
  • Xiaoyu: Then what are you. Are you an alien or mutant or something?
  • Goku: Hah! I'm not an alien or mutant you know. I'm a saiyan.
  • Xiaoyu: What a saiyan? What is saiyan?
  • Goku: I tell you later. See ya!
  • Xiaoyu: Bye (Geez. I'm worried that he is a monster or something. I hope not).

"When she go, Goku pick his walkie talkie and speak to Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks via that device."

  • Goku: Vegeta i found our target. I'ts a girl and she is quite beauty aww.."Over".
  • Vegeta: Ugh..Kakarot can you stop kidding with me now it's time to serious. "Over"
  • Goku: Well nevermind. But if you found her, tell me okay "Over".
  • Vegeta: Yeah, Yeah. You should tell Trunks and Gohan about this. "Over".
  • Goku: Okay. Trunks in "Over".
  • Trunks: Trunks here what's up Goku? "Over"
  • Goku: Our target is a young girl named Xiaoyu. We must protect her. "Over".
  • Trunks: Well, i think i should disguise as a student then. "Over".
  • Goku: Yes yes and do something helpful to her and don't hurt her. "Over".
  • Trunks: Yeah. But you know what, you must tell Gohan about this. "Over".
  • Goku: Please. You do it now. "Over".
  • Trunks: Yeah, yeah i'll. Gohan in
  • Gohan: Gohan here. What happened Trunks. "Over".
  • Trunks: Where are you now? "Over"
  • Gohan: Please don't call me now. I'm still studying in my school. "Over".
  • Trunks: So that's mean you can't do our mission right now? "Over".
  • Gohan: No. I'll do it later when my time is available. "Over".
  • Trunks: *sigh*. Okay then bye. Goku in.
  • Goku: Goku Here what's up Trunks? "Over"
  • Trunks: It's seems like Gohan is busy about his school. And he can't do our mission right now. "Over".
  • Goku: Uh oh. Okay we don't need him. "Over".
  • Trunks: But he said that he will call me via this item when he is finished. "Over".
  • Goku: Okay we'll wait him and we'ill do our mission with our stregth. Hiyaaaa!"Over".
  • Trunks: Please Goku. don't overdo it. "Over"
  • Goku: Ugh..Enough talk!

" They're finished their business. What's happened next. Find out in the next series of this blog post".

Well actually, i will make the part 2 story via my 2nd blog post. So stay tuned.

Thanks to Xamux so i could type english well now. Bye

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