Alright part 2 story. Here we go!


"Last time on Another Dream About Xiaoyu. All saiyans are arrived on earth and they're ready for the next action. Their goal is only one. And it's "To Protect". The story begins now!"

  • Lee: Now tell me is that spelled with Y and U?
  • Xiaoyu: Yes so..Mr. Lee..
  • Lee: Excellent welcome to my classroom. If you want take seat right over there.
  • Xiaoyu: Where exactly?
  • Lee: Any just pick which one is available.
  • Xiaoyu: But sir. Every seat are available.
  • Lee: It's seems like everybody are focused on the festival. Alright let's get started.
  • Xiaoyu: Aww come on (Man this guy is too pushy). International school is easy.
  • Lee: Oh by the way your first lesson will be Mr. Vegeta's lesson. Hope you enjoy learning.
  • Xiaoyu: (His name "Vegeta". Sounds weird. Is he an another saiyan?).

"In this scene, Goku once again do a communication with Vegeta via his walkie talkie."

  • Goku: Hey Vegeta. Now is your turn "Over".
  • Vegeta: Yeah yeah shut up Kakarot. I'm already know about that. "Over".
  • Goku: Hey i'm just remind you. "Over".
  • Vegeta: Whatever. Time to teachin' now. I'm out. "Over".
  • Goku: Okay i'm out too.

"Vegeta enters a class where Xiaoyu is there. The lesson begin."

  • Vegeta: (Here i go). Is this 2A Classroom?
  • Xiaoyu: Yes. I'm the only one student in here.
  • Vegeta: Good. I'm Vegeta. And i'm a new teacher in here.
  • Xiaoyu: I'm Xiaoyu. I'm also a transferred student from Mishima Polytechnical School. Nice to meet you.
  • Vegeta: Anyway how are you. Are you feel sick or healthy?
  • Xiaoyu: I'm healthy right now.
  • Vegeta: Oh..
  • Xiaoyu: Don't tell me that you're saiyan.
  • Vegeta: *Ngh!* how did you know that?! (Man..Kakarot must be tell her about saiyan.)
  • Xiaoyu: Anyway what is saiyan?
  • Vegeta: Kakarot will explain you later.
  • Xiaoyu: Who is kakarot? Is he an another saiyan.
  • Vegeta: You didn't know? He is Goku. I alaways call him Kakarot. I don't know what happened after his name changed into Goku. Maybe he had an amnesia or something.
  • Xiaoyu: Goku? wait i heared that name somewhere..Ah! i know. I saw him when i was walking around the field.
  • Vegeta: Oh good. Our lesson is complete.
  • Xiaoyu: Eh.. No lesson?
  • Vegeta: Yeah because i'm a new teacher in here and i just want to tell you about my profiles. And trust me.
  • Xiaoyu: Trust you what?
  • Vegeta: You'll pick acquaintance with 3 new friends.
  • Xiaoyu: Oh well. I hope it's Shin and 2 other are saiyan.
  • Vegeta: Enough talk. Now it's time to you for go home and take a rest.

"After teaching. Vegeta do a communication with Goku via his walkie talkie."

  • Vegeta: Kakarot i'm finished. "Over".
  • Goku: Well done Vegeta. "Over".
  • Vegeta: Oh anyway. What you pretend to be? "Over".
  • Goku: I will disguised as a student with Gohan and Trunks. "Over"
  • Vegeta: Okay. I will wait for the result. Now i'm out.
  • Goku: Wait. Oh well. I'm out.

"In the field, Xiaoyu continue her search for Shin. Then, a shoe suddenly just falls to her head. And she thinks that it's Shin's shoe."

  • Xiaoyu: A shoe?
  • People no. 1: Oh my god!
  • People no 2: Aaaaah!

"She see a man with white shirt and a crystal chocker. And it's Shin Kamiya trying to kill himself by jumping from a high buillding. But Xiaoyu quickly rescue him."

  • Xiaoyu: What the.. That's him! I'd better stop him for killing himself.

"She quickly jump to Shin and catch his body and land safely on ground."

  • Xiaoyu: What are you doing. That should kill you.
  • Shin: It's sure does.
  • Xiaoyu: Are you trying to..
  • Shin: It's none of your business.
  • Xiaoyu: I'm sorry for helping.
  • Shin: Just relax. I just slipped. That's all.
  • Xiaoyu: Phew.
  • Xiaoyu: Ah..?

"She looks around and she saw a young girl named Alisa. She became friend. That's mean Vegeta's words was true."

  • Alisa: Yesterday. He trying to kill himself. He jump from here. Like he do today.
  • Xiaoyu: He must be have a debt or something.
  • Alisa: I really don't know the reason why he trying to kill himself.
  • Xiaoyu: Is he friend of your?
  • Alisa: Ah..N-no actually..
  • Xiaoyu: Oh-hoo....

"In order to complete her mission. She must infiltrate to the Kyogaku Boys Dormitory. Where Shin is there."

  • Xiaoyu: If i failed, i will end with a big trouble.

"She safely infiltrate the dormitory. Just one more thing to do. She must go into the room where Shin is."

  • Xiaoyu: It's locked. I had no choice.
  • Xiaoyu: Hhhhhhhhhh...Ha!
  • Xiaoyu: Anybody home?
  • Xiaoyu: I have to see the photo.
  • Xiaoyu: He go to the Mishima Polytechincal School.
  • Xiaoyu: Ah! that's Jin. We go to the same school?
  • Xiaoyu: *gasp*. Geez it's just a fridge. Don't scare me like that!
  • Xiaoyu: Hm? A bandage?
  • Xiaoyu: I see a man in there.
  • Xiaoyu: I'm not want to peek but..I just take a quick look.

"She saw a young man while having a shower. And it's Shin. Suddenly, Alisa appeared."

  • Alisa: Hey. It's that you Xiaoyu?
  • Xiaoyu: Alisa? How did you enter this room?
  • Alisa: What are you doing?
  • Xiaoyu: I-i-i ugh let's go come on!
  • Shin: Heh. She finally found me here.
  • Shin: See ya soon my litle girls.

"On a small house where Anna live. She talked about shin kamiya in there."

  • Anna: So how about the mission?
  • Xiaoyu: Still in progress.
  • Anna: Hmph good work.
  • Xiaoyu: What is this? "Wanted. Lost student from Mishima Polytechnic." I hope that's not Shin.
  • Anna: You must be tired after working in a day. Now. Tea?

"On the next day.."

  • Shin: Hey Xiaoyu my savior.
  • Xiaoyu: Savior what are you talking about?
  • Shin: You said you'll go home with me today.
  • Xiaoyu: What!?
  • Alisa: Is that true. Did you telling that Xiaoyu?
  • Xiaoyu: N-no i..
  • Shin: We have to go. See ya.
  • Xiaoyu: Wait i'm not..
  • Alisa: Hey wait for me please!
  • Alisa: Where did they go?
  • Alisa: Hmm..I'll go.
  • Shin: Phew. You save me.
  • Xiaoyu: Save you?
  • Shin: I alaways been pursued by her. She is quite noisy.
  • Xiaoyu: Oh..
  • Shin: Well time to go. Bye..
  • Xiaoyu: W-wai..Uhh.
  • Xiaoyu: I wonder where did he go.

"She looked around for Shin. But no avail. However...A thug with a sharp knife suddenly appears behind Xiaoyu."

  • Thug: Give me your money or i stab your stomach and die!
  • Xiaoyu: Let me go.. Let me go! Someone please heeeeelp!
  • Thug: No one will hear your voice here. Now di..
  • Xiaoyu: Alright! Just stab my stomach now do it.
  • Thug: Hiyaaaaa Die!

"She nearly killed by the Thug. But Trunks help her."

  • Trunks: Execuse me!
  • Thug: What the heck!
  • Xiaoyu: !!
  • Trunks: Hiyaa eat my kick!
  • Thug: Uoaagh! You want to pick a fight huh. Then let's do it.
  • Trunks: Here i go!

"Both are fighting with no mercy. Trunks win the match. And Xiaoyu save."

  • Thug: *Cough* please. Don't kill me.
  • Trunks: I wont kill you but. This is my message.
  • Thug: *Cough* say it now!
  • Trunks: Don't be a coward. Don't fight a you girl with weakness. If you want to pick a fight, just pick a fight with stronger enemies.
  • Thug: *Cough* o-okay but. DIE!
  • Trunks: Hmph. You better enjoy your live in Hell! Now dissepear from this world! Burning Attack!
  • Thug: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Trunks: Are you okay. Are you hur...ted b-by t-ha-t g-guy (Man..She is really beautiful my heart is thumping naturally).
  • Xiaoyu: I'm okay. Why you looks weird?
  • Trunks: Ah nothing. I'm Trunks. I'm also a student in here.
  • Xiaoyu: I'm Xiaoyu. You're saiyan right?
  • Trunks: Indeed. My dad Vegeta. Tells a lot about you.
  • Xiaoyu: So you're a son of a teacher?
  • Trunks: Indeed. Oh yeah. I want to tell you one more thing.
  • Xiaoyu: Tell it now please.
  • Trunks: No i wont. You will know it soon. So bye.
  • Xiaoyu: Oh Bye (What is he going to tell me. Don't say it's love).

"He do a communication with Goku via the walkie talkie.".

  • Trunks: Goku i saw her. "Over"
  • Goku: Okay great. "Over".
  • Trunks: We'll talk later bye.
  • Goku: Bye

"They're finished with their business. What hapenned next? Find out on next episode of this blog post."

Okay it's finished. Thanks to Xamux for helping me so i could type english better. so Bye and stay tuned.

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