Alright part 3 story. Here we go!


"Last time on Another Dream About Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu nearly killed by a thug who held a sharp knife. Luckily, a young saiyan with purple hair suddenly appears. And it's Trunks. The son of Vegeta from the future. Trunks defeated the thug with his Burning Attack and Xiaoyu saved. The story begins. Now."

  • Xiaoyu: I wonder where Shin go.
  • Shin: Hey.
  • Xiaoyu: Ah! There you are.
  • Shin: Are you looking for me?
  • Xiaoyu: Yes.
  • Shin: What do you want.
  • Xiaoyu: Uh..Nevermind
  • Shin: Hmm.
  • Xiaoyu: That's my old school. Mishima Polytechnical School.
  • Shin: Ohh.. same school with Kazama right?
  • Xiaoyu: Yes.
  • Shin: But unlike here. People changed. Oh yeah how about Kazama?
  • Xiaoyu: Do you mean Jin? I think he is fine.
  • Shin: Have you ever met him?
  • Xiaoyu: No it's been a while.
  • Xiaoyu: H-hey about the photograph.
  • Shin: What photo?!
  • Xiaoyu: Ah..N-nothing. Nevermind.
  • Shin:...
  • Alisa: Are you guys going to escape from me again?
  • Xiaoyu: Alisa?
  • Shin: Time to go. Bye.
  • Xiaoyu: What are you doing in here?
  • Alisa: There's a festival in this school. Do you want to see it?
  • Xiaoyu: What festival?

"Both are talking much about the Mokujin Festival. Next, they're going to watch Shin's short video."

  • Alisa: It's starting.
  • Xiaoyu: Yeah..
  • Shin: I'm Shin Kamiya and this is my entire video. What are you going to watch, is an...

"However in the middle of video, Shin is kidnapped by the Tekken Force. Xiaoyu and Alisa managed to rescue him however..Shin is already go."

  • Xiaoyu: Shin is kidnapped. Let's rescue him quick!
  • Xiaoyu: Shin are you here?
  • Alisa:...
  • Xiaoyu: Don't tell me. Urgh! they're not recording at live.
  • Alisa: So what this is mean?
  • Xiaoyu: It means that there are no live broadcast. And Shin is already been kidnapped. That clip was like ransom note.
  • Alisa: Kidnapp? Ransom note?
  • Alisa: "Activating battle system."
  • Xiaoyu: Alisa?

"Xiaoyu surprised that Alisa is a robot. She commanded by Nina Williams to defeat Xiaoyu."

  • Xiaoyu: Why are you looking me like that?
  • Alisa: "Roger. Eliminate agent".
  • Xiaoyu: Alisa stop it. No!
  • Xiaoyu: Aaaaa!

"Xiaoyu slammed into the window. And she fall. However, she luckily save."

  • Xiaoyu: Just what are you?

"Xiaoyu managed to gather information about Alisa."

  • Xiaoyu: She was aborted?
  • Xiaoyu: (Typing) "Alisa Bosconovitch".
  • Xiaoyu: What imported item?
  • Xiaoyu: Ugh!

"Anna williams suddenly appears behind Xiaoyu. She chokes xiaoyu's neck."

  • Anna: Not only you back at failure. But you reduce yourself to petty thievery.
  • Xiaoyu: Ugh Anna!
  • Anna: I want to take care of that nusciance Alisa.
  • Xiaoyu: You knew. She was working for the other side?
  • Anna: I wasn't certain yet. Which other out. Until one of us is finally blinked. Are you mad? Then find that litle girl and destroy her.
  • Xiaoyu: Can't brethe. Let me go. Please!

"Goku is spying when Anna choke Xiaoyu. Goku is managed to take action."

  • Goku: Hiyaaaa!
  • Anna: Argh! Who are you?!
  • Xiaoyu: !!
  • Goku: I'm Goku. The saiyan who growned on earth. What do you want from her?
  • Anna: What a nusciance. Now shall we fight?
  • Goku: Sure. Let's do this!
  • Anna: (Darn it. I must go.)
  • Goku: Hey coward. Come back here!
  • Anna: Bye monkey boy!
  • Goku: W-wait!
  • Xiaoyu:...!
  • Goku: Are you okay?
  • Xiaoyu: *Cough* *cough*. Y-yeah. Thanks for saving me.
  • Goku: Anytime.
  • Xiaoyu: Did you promise to me that you'll explain me about saiyan? *cough*.
  • Goku: O-okay let's go to the park.

"Both are going to the park and Goku wil lexplain what is saiyan."

  • Goku: Saiyan is the true warrior race. The saiyans are born on planet Vegeta. Sadly, that planet is destroyed by the mighty evil Freeza. My father Bardock who fought him was also killed. We saiyan are eat 5 times in one day or more. We saiyan are growing stronger everytime we fight. But we saiyan are already been defeated by some enemies but we are not going to lose we alaways rise again. Every saiyans can preform a ki attack like this. Kaaa Meeee Haaaa Meeeee Haaaaaaa!!!!. And it's will result a great damage to an enemy even a one planet can be destroyed.
  • Xiaoyu: Oh-hooo. So you're the strongest guy in the universe.
  • Goku: Haha! not too. Anyway you're human so don't give up. Fight with your own stregth will make you stronger and stronger. Then you can became the strongest human.
  • Xiaoyu: Hm. Well i don't like fighting but if i have to fight. I will fight.
  • Goku: Hah! Now that's how human spirit sounds like.
  • People 1: Heelp!
  • Goku: Hm? What?
  • People 1: A super woman robot has appeared. And she want kill me!
  • Xiaoyu: Hah!? Is she helding a chainsaw?
  • People 1: Yes! Run before you die!
  • Goku: *sigh* another enemy.
  • Xiaoyu: Alisa?!
  • Goku: So she is a robot?
  • Xiaoyu: Yes she trying to kill me earlier.
  • Goku: Alright. Here i go! I promise i do my best. I wont let you killed in here.
  • Xiaoyu: Let me fight!
  • Goku: O-okay. If you need help, my saiyan crew will help you.

"Xiaoyu managed to fight Alisa in the park. And so the new battle begin. Will Xiaoyu win? Find out on next episode."

Well that's all. Thanks to Xamux so i could type english better. Bye!

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