Hello it's my first blog post today. How to use Devil in Tekken 6 with Devil Jin character selection.

Okay theese are the steps:

  1. Select Devil Jin
  2. Select 1p or 2p
  3. Select Head
  4. Buy "Demonic Hair"
  5. Then Buy "Demonic Horns Yellow"
  6. Select Face
  7. Buy "Demonic Face (Purple)
  8. Select Upper Body (Inner)
  9. Buy "Demonic Body (Purple)"
  10. Select Arms
  11. Buy "Demonic Arms (Purple)"
  12. Select Back
  13. Buy "Beast Wings (Purple)
  14. The Last step. Select Lower Body
  15. Then buy "Beast Leg (Purple)

And wallah you done.

Note: No photo in here but you can try it on your PS3 or PSP. And if your money was not enough, you can sell items or fight more to earn money.

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