I Found some updates about TTT2. It's about the stages locations. And it's getting BETTER AND BETTER than the stages that we already saw it in last Tekken games. It's about the nationality of each stages.

European Stages

  • Winter Palace (Canada)
  • Moonlit Wilderness (UK)
  • Riverside Promenade (France)
  • Historic Townsquare (Germany)
  • Tulip Festival (Netherlands)
  • Fireworks over Barcelona (Spain)
  • Artic Dream (Finland)
  • Fontana Di Trevi (Italy)
  • Tempest (Norway)

American Stages

  • Snoop Dogg (USA)
  • Festive Parade (USA)
  • Condor Canyon (Colombia)
  • Brazil (Brazil)

Asian Stages

  • Arena (Japan)
  • Sakura Schoolyard (Japan)
  • Hall of Judgement (Japan)
  • Naraku (Japan)
  • Bountiful Sea (South Parcific Sea)
  • Dusk After The Rain (China)
  • Wayang Kulit (Indonesia)
  • Eternal Paradise (Fiji)
  • Coastline Sunset (Philippines)

Misc Stages

  • Heavenly Garden
  • Fallen Garden

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