I found some updates about TTT2. Here's some updates.

14-8-2012 (World Tekken Federation)

Is an online premium community service will be added in The upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 via online mode. Here you can enjoy fighting with Tekken Fans around the globe from the Amateur players to the Master players. Also you can built a team with other players around the globe and gaining point together. If you want to enjoy this, you must sign in or sign up to Playstation Network.

17-9-2012 (Tekken Takes Tokyo)

Is a short movie about Katsuhiro Harada (Big boss of Tekken), visit to his favourite Tekken arcades and do some Live interview with Harada.

19-9-2012 (Releasing Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Here's the day that we can't wait any longer. The releasement of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC. Enjoy your battles with 8 Returning characters:

  • Michelle
  • Angel
  • Ancient Ogre
  • Kunimitsu
  • Tiger Jackson
  • Alex
  • Prototype Jack
  • Forrest Law

And over 50 endings!

Create your own combination combo in Fight Lab Mode with Violet and Combot.

So what are you waiting for. Get Set, Start Training and Get Ready For The Next Battle!

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