Many DBZ and Tekken characters have same simmilarities about their appearances or personalities. These are the characters:


Lee & Future Trunks

Lee Chaolan & Future Trunks

You can see their hair were same. Also Trunks born from a immortal father called "Vegeta". Same personality as Lee, Lee is adopted from a immortal father and it's Heihachi. The difference is just Trunks is born from a Father and Mother naturally but Lee is adopted.


Jack Jinzoningen 16

Jack & Jinzoningen 16

Both characters have simmilarities about their appearances and personality. They're an artifical human (Obviously) also their hair are mohawk style. They're both strong and silent. And show that they have emotions.

Wang & Roshi
Wang Roshi

Wang & Roshi

As you can see they look simmilar. Their personalities aren't alike though, as Wang isn't a dirty perv. You can also customize him to look simmilar like Roshi.

Kazuya, & Vegeta, Bardock

Kazuya, Vegeta, Bardock

Thoose 3 men are simmilar. Let's compare Kazuya with Vegeta first. They have same hair and also same personality. Kazuya is naturally Evil man who produced a son. Also Vegeta is naturally Evil man who produced a son. The different is just Vegeta is Evil then he became Neutral but Kazuya looks like Evil forever. And now let's compare Kazuya with Bardock. Yes Kazuya is a man who died in a mouth of volcano (In T2) then he resurrected with new body (In T4). Same like Bardock. Bardock was killed by Freeza in a explosion then he resurrected again in DB episode of Bardock. The different is just Kazuya resurrected with new body but Bardock not (Used his old body). Also Kazuya & Bardock have same scar in their cheek.

Lars, Feng & Goku

Lars Feng Goku

Thoose 3 men are simmilar. Let's compare Lars with Goku first. Well Lars & Goku doesn't have simmilar personalities but Lars's hair was simmilar to Goku's SSJ1 Hair. And now let's compare Feng and Goku. Both look muscular and focused on their training. But Goku is a kind hearted man. And Feng is a very serious guy. I never see Feng laughing about funny things but Goku is alaways laughing about funny things. And also, they're alaways ready for action (Lars, Feng, Goku).

Dragunov & General Tao

Let's see their personality. Both are strong in wrestling. And also their occupations were same. Dragunov is a Spenstnaz memeber (Which is focused on war) and Tao is a Sergeant of a millitary. Even they're military member, they're still using their own fists and powers.

Well okay that's all characters that i've been noticed their simmilarities. If you found more, you can add the comparison by adding a comments. Thank You.

Sorry my english is completely bad.

Repeat: My English is completely bad.

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