I finally found the video of TTT2 PS3 and Xbox opening!. Official from NBG (Namco Bandai Games). I'll describe the story first then you can watch the video in this blog.

Description (In dialogue)

  • Radio Annoucer: The world's greatest fighters are gathered at this one of a kind event!. Only 4 matches remain in the first round of Tekken Tag Tournament! Which fighters will paired up next..?

A Taxi driver look to his rearview mirror then he see Jinpachi is sitting on his Taxi

  • Taxi Driver: Um... Good evening sir! Where to..?
  • Jinpachi: Can you tell me where.. I must unleash this incredible power!

Opening song plays (TTT2 Intro Massive Mix). Arrive on the Tekken arena, the Annoucer says

  • Annoucer Says: Welcome to the King of Iron Fist Tournament !
  • People: Whoooo... Yaaaaaay!

Then you can see a scene where Jin in a bike, Kazuya walking through the entrance scene, Lili and Asuka look each other, and Raven and Kunimitsu do an somersault.

  • Annoucer: Ready..? Fight!

Then there's Anna and Nina

  • Anna: What Did i say.. we must teamed up.
  • Nina:....

After they're teamed up, Anna was just kidding. Anna twist Nina's arm then kick his back to Kunimitsu. When Kunimitsu is ready to attack Nina, some snakes just appeared from the underground. And True Ogre appeared.

  • Ogre: Raaaaawwwwrrrrr! (As he spout his fire from his mouth).

Then Angel Come and charge her beam.

And angel's face looks little scary. He fires his lazer and this happens

  • Angel: I'm Firing my Lazer Beeeeoooop Beoooop (Ha..Ha..Ha..Just for laugh :) )
  • Ogre: Raaaaaawwr! (Spout his fire again)
  • Asuka: Huh..?
  • Lili: Huh..?
  • Jin: (Open his glasses) Hm!
  • Kazuya:...


Here's the video

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 intro

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 intro