Last night i dreamed about Xiaoyu. When i was very tired after playing Tekken 6 on my PS3 using Xiaoyu in Arena Mode XP. Then i went to bed and i sleep. Something strange has just happened to my sleep. I dreamed about Xaoyu XD. Okay i'll explain the story using a dialogue between me and Tekken characters in my dream.

Note: This is only a dream that can become true or not. I wish it's become true hahah.. just kidding :P

Okay let's get started

When i visited Kyoto in Japan, i look around in an amusement park in kyoto. Then a young girl has appeared behind me and she said.

Xiaoyu: Um.. Hello

Me: Who are you..?

Xiaoyu: My name is Xiaoyu. Ling Xiaoyu.

Me: Ah yes i know you. You're from Tekken series right..? But whadayya want..?

Xiaoyu: Um.. Can i be your friend..?

Me: FRIEND..??!!! b-b-b-but i'm not from here i'm from Indonesia.

Xiaoyu: Well okay. See ya.. (Sadly)

Me: W-wait!

Xiaoyu: Huh..? What..?

Me: I-i-iiii- i can be your friend.

Xiaoyu: Really..?

Me: Of course why not.

Xiaoyu: Hurray :)

Me: By the way, where is your best friends (Alisa, Jin and Shin)?

Xiaoyu: They're not my friends again :(

Me: Why..?

Xiaoyu: Alisa: She was fixing his head after accidentally slapped by Panda. Jin: He was very bussy taking care of the Mishima Zaibatsu and every i met him and say "Hi Jin". Jin alaways insult me. Shin: He is killed by Heihachi.

Me: Okay i can be your friend. If you want to hang out with me, just come to my hotel or call me.

Xiaoyu: Would you like to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with me..?

Me: Are you serious...? But where..?

Xiaoyu: In My house. I have my own PS3 and i also have the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue.

Me: Sure :D

Xiaoyu: Okay let's go to my house.

Then Xiaoyu and Me rush to her house. and i saw Jinrei in there.

Jinrei: Welcome

Me: Wha..? are you Xiaoyu's father or....ahhh i know you You're Jinrei right.

Jinrei: Yes

Me: Nice to meet you.

Jinrei: Nice to meet you too. Oh by the way, do you want to drink some tea..?

Me: No thanks. I already drunk some mineral water in my hotel.

Xiaoyu: Okay let's go to my room.!

Me: (My arms are pulled by Xiaoyu so i screams in pain) W-wait aaah.

Xiaoyu: Here's my room.

Me: Nice room.

Xiaoyu: Ugh.. Enough talking let's turn the PS3 on.

Me: O o okay (This will be exciting.)

Xiaoyu: Something Wrong..?

Me: No nothing.

Xiaoyu: Okay so today we'll play the VS Cpu mode. I'll use myself and Alisa

Me: Can i use Jin and Kazuya..?

Xiaoyu: Of course because they're only the available characters for you.

Me: Okay.. Let's get started.

In the middle of fight, Alisa come.

Alisa: Hey my friend Xiaoyu how are you.

Xiaoyu: Alisa.. It's been a while after your head was accidentally slapped. I'm fine.

Alise: Oh by the way Who is this Guy..? Is he your boyfriend..?

Me: Boyfriend what..? I'm Xiaoyu's new friend. My name is ******** (I don't wanna you guys know my name)

Alisa: Ohh Hi! I'm Alisa. I'm a robot created by Boskonovitch.

Me: Nice to meet you.

Alisa: I have to go now. My head isn't completely repaired yet. See ya.!

Me & Xiaoyu: Bye

In the middle of fight, Jin come with angry.

Jin: (Crushing Xiaoyu's door) Xiao.. where has you been..?!

Me: Hey Relax maaan you're not in your own home. This is Xiaoyu's home.

Jin: Aaah Shut up. Is not your bussiness. I have to kill her. Because i found a hidden power from her body.

Xiaoyu: Eh... Powers what..? I'm not the member of mishima and of course i didn't have a cursed blood like the Devil Gene.

Me: If you want to kill her, kill me first!

Xiaoyu: Hey what are you doing, You can't fighting didn't you..?

Me: I can fight. If i try.

Jin: Alright Then Come on.!!

Me: (After punched by jin, i jump into Jin's forehead) I kick your face..!! Hiyaa (paw paw paw paw)

Jin: *Pant* *pant* you're really strong. And you know what that was only just kidding.

Me: Oh well sorry Jin.

Then i hear a clock rings "DIng dong ding dong".

Xiaoyu: Your time in here is over.

Me: Whadayya mean..? Do you mean i can't go to visit Kyoto..?

Xiaoyu: Don't get wrong. I mean your time in here is over. You have to go back to your hotel now.

Jin: Yea you must go back.

Me: Okay but tomorrow i'll visit your house again!

Xiaoyu: Visit what..? This isj ust a dream

Me: Wha...?!!!! NOOOOOOOOO
Ringu Siaoyu

Why sad..? I will be back to your Dreamland in my next dreams. So don't worry.

Then i woke up. Meh...

So thats all of my story. Hope you like and if my english was bad so sorry guys i'm a Indonesian not an American. so bye.

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