Hey guys! I got a fangame for the Tekken series! It's called Tekken x MySims. It's kind of a sequel to the Street Fighter x Tekken game. It features MySims characters, but there are actually more Tekken characters than MySims, and hey, this time Tekken is top villian (if you don't know what that means, it means it comes first in the game's title). If you wanna see it, just go to the Tekken Fanon Wiki. You'll find two pages related to it: the page for the game itself, and a page for one of the characters (more specifiacally, Buddy). If you think it sucks, which I hope you don't, don't go rankin' on it. If you do, I'll probably go into a depression and rant about how I don't give two cents about what you think (trust me, it happened before on the Super Smash Bros. Fanon Wiki). If you think it's a good idea, comment and tell me! It's got some pretty awesome characters in it!

P.S. This is third fighting game of made involving MySims. The others are Super Smash Bros. Universe and Soulcalibur: Nevermore/Infinitely.

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