Violet Systems

Violet Systems is a robotics company, founded by Lee Chaolan, in which referenced to his Tekken 4 alter-ego, Violet. It is a stage in Scenario Campaign mode present in Tekken 6. Lee Chaolan is fought here and clearing this stage and defeating Lee will unlock him in Scenario Campaign's Arena mode. There are many robots in the Violet Systems that are reminiscent of Combot, the humanoid robot Lee/Violet built in Tekken 4. These robots also use various fighting styles like Combot did.

It unintentionally become a business stock partner with G Corporation, in which later led by Kazuya Mishima himself, although one of the company's former employer, Julia Chang resigned from the Corporation after knowing their evil agenda and remained acquaintance to the Violet Systems. At the end of Tekken 6, after Jin sacrificed his life to rid Azazel's presence, Lars entrusts Lee to repair Alisa.

In the events of Tekken 7, Violet Systems also reveals to have a medical facility within the robotics company itself where Jin is taking recovery from his comatose state following Azazel's defeat and is also serves as a secret hideout for Lars and his rebel army. It later reveals to have one of the robotics company's branches where Lee, Lars, Alisa, and the Journalist are taking refuge after Nina and the Tekken Force infiltrated the facility where Lee detonates the facility as part of his trap for them. The company also possess a spy satellite just like the Mishima Zaibatsu's own satellite where they could see the final showdown between Kazuya and Heihachi at the volcanic pit.


  • Business Men
  • Business Women (Blonde and brown hair)
  • Robots
    • Combots
    • Robot Guards
  • Alien (sometimes)


  • Lee Chaolan/Violet (founder and leader)
  • Lili (non-canon in TTT2)
  • Julia Chang (acquaintance who were originally work for G Corporation)
  • Lars Alexandersson (acquaintance and ally)
  • Alisa Bosconovitch (formerly belong to Zaibatsu, now currently being entrusted by Lars to repair and look over her)

Alisa's Journal

"I am impressed by the number of humanoid robots programmed as guards here. The speech and behavioral patterns of the president, Mr. Lee Chaolan are also amusing. Seemingly fascinated by my exterior model, he was too.. how do you say?.. touchy-feely, thus activating my self-preservation mode".


  • Sometimes, falling crates will be shown at the start of the Boss Battle. When they fall, a special flag will be shown.
  • The logo has a resemblance to the logo of Valve Corporation's internet-based digital distribution and social networking platform Steam.

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