TK7 Violet Systems Stage

Lee vs. Lars on the testing floor of Violet Systems. Note the Combot units in the background.

Violet Systems is a stage in the home release version of Tekken 7.

The stage is set in a sophisticated robotics labratory. In the background, a large fusion generator can be seen. On the other side of the stage walls, various personnel (both human and mechanical) can be seen working on the many computers lining the area. Surrounding the top of the stage are monitors with different displays that face towards the center area. The center area itself appears to be a space that would normally be used to test and observe new machines in developent if the fighters weren't occupying the space, with the monitors and equipment surrounding the area used in service of that function.


  • Combot and Super Combot DX make cameo appearances in the background of the stage. Several Combot models are seen on display toward the Western side of the stage (shown above), while Super Combot DX is on Eastern side.


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