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Wang Jinrei/T1 Movelist is a list of all of the moves that Wang Jinrei can perform in the first Tekken.


Throw Name Command (Arcade) Escape (Arcade) Command (Console) Escape (Console)
Headlock Toss 1+3 1 [1]


Spin Behind Elbow Smash 2+4 2 [4]




Move Name Command (Arcade) Comand (Console)
G-Clef Cannon 1,1,1 [7],[8],[9]
G-Clef Cannon 2 2,1,1 [10],[11],[12]
Spinning Sweep d+4 [13]


Spinning Sweep to Head Kick d+4,4 [15]


Spinning Sweep to Low Kick D+4,4 [18]


Razor's Edge d+4,1 [21]


Triple Spin Kick 4,d+4,4 [24],[25][26],[27]
Triple Spin Kick Low 4,D+4,4 [28],[29][30],[31]
Triple Spin Uppercut 4,d+4,1 [32],[33][34],[35]
Power Punch f+2 [36]


Slow Power Punch1 d/f+2 [38]


Slow Power Punch Combo (after 1 connects),1. (after 1 connects), [40]
Medium Power Punch d/f+1+2 [41]


Strong Power Punch f,F+1+2 [44],[45][46][47] 3
Heavy Power Punch qcf+2 [48]


Foot Stomp u/f+3+4 [52]


Foot Stomp 2 (opponent on ground) u+2 (opponent on ground) [55][56]
Spin Behind2 2 (on hit),b. [57] (on hit),[58]3
Spin Behind to Suplex (after 2) 1+2. (after 2) [59][60]
Drop Kick f,f,f+3_WR+3 [61],[62],[63][64] (while running)[65]3
Pearly Gates d/f+1,1 [66]


Front Snap Kick d/f+3 [69]


Tequila Sunrise WS+2 (while rising)[71]
Tequila Sunrise Combo WS+2,1,1 (while rising)[72],[73],[74]
Skyscraper Kick WS+4 (while rising)[75]
Crouching Spinning Sweep FC d/f+4 (while crouching) [76][77]3
Crouching Spinning Sweep Combo FC d/f+4,3 (while crouching) [78][79],[80]3

10 Strings

Command (Arcade) Command (Console) Hits
2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1 [81],[82],[83],[84],[85],[86],[87],[88],[89],[90] 10

3 : when facing right

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