West District, 13th Avenue is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode. Paul Phoenix is fought here. Clearing this stage and defeating Paul will unlock him in Scenario Campaign and Arena mode. This stage is optional, unless the player want to unlock Paul. This stage is located in a city. The boss stage takes place at the Tekken 6 stage, City After Dark.

Alisa's Journal

"While in the older region of downtown, we encountered a strange man. He punched through a wall - an impressive for a human - but then promptly retreated. We were succesful in cornering him in an alleyway, though his actions leave my circuit board confused. Evidently, there is still much I have to learn about this world".


  • The spot from ICPO Branch Office (where the player meets Lei Wulong) can be seen behind the entrance of this stage.
  • There is a minion at one outside part of the stage. He can still be killed by using a weapon that is somewhere in this stage.

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